Upper Faucherie Lake Falls
   Nevada County, California


Upper Faucherie Lake Falls #1 in early-July, 2011
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Six sets of waterfalls await those willing to make the long and rough trip out past Bowman Lake to Faucherie Lake and follow Canyon Creek upstream of the lake.  Because of the long and rough road, not many people are willing to make the trip out here, let alone do a hike once they're here.  Faucherie Lake Falls also awaits just downstream of the lake and is a very pretty waterfall in its own right.


Upper Faucherie Lake Falls #1: 39.4257 N, 120.5616 W
Upper Faucherie Lake Falls #2: 39.4257 N, 120.5606 W
Upper Faucherie Lake Falls #3: 39.4262 N, 120.5568 W
Upper Faucherie Lake Falls #4: 39.4268 N, 120.5550 W
Upper Faucherie Lake Falls #5: 39.4270 N, 120.5544 W
Upper Faucherie Lake Falls #6: 39.4272 N, 120.5538 W
USGS Topo: English Mountain

From I-80 take the CA-20 exit near Lake Spaulding and turn right onto Bowman Road after ~3.9 miles.  Follow Bowman Road for ~14.7 miles to the northwest end of Bowman Lake.  Here, turn right onto Meadow Lake Road and follow it as is skirts the northern shore of Bowman Lake past the eastern end of the lake until it intersects with the Sawmill & Faucherie Lakes Road (~3.4 miles from Bowman Road) near the Jackson Creek Campground.  Turn right here, and follow the road (rough in places, 4x4 recommmended) up to the dam on Faucherie Lake (~3.3 miles).  Turn left to cross over the dam and park in the parking area off the eastern end of the dam.  From the parking area follow the trail to the east and cross Canyon Creek as it exits Faucherie Lake (not easy).  You can avoid having to cross the creek here if you take the trail near Canyon Creek Campground (described in the Faucherie Lake Falls directions).  Continue by following the shore of the lake to the southeast until you come to where Canyon Creek enters the lake.  To see the first waterfall you'll have to leave the trail to the south.  The second waterfall is ~150 feet upstream of the first.  Continue on the trail (marked in places with cairns) to the east to reach the third waterfall (~0.25 miles upstream of the second).  The fourth waterfall can be seen a further ~0.1 miles further up the trail from the third.  The fifth waterfall is ~125 feet upstream of the fourth and the sixth is a further ~150 feet upstream of the fifth.