Zbikenut Shipping Information
Currently if we can ship by USPS Priority Mail we will ship your items to the lower 48 and Alaska and Hawaii.  At this time we can only ship larger items to Hawaii or Alaska and we will have to give you a Shipping quote.

The Smaller items will be shipped by US Postal Service either first class or Priority Mail and usually take 2 to 5 days to get to addresses in the US.  

  The Larger items we will ship by UPS and will have a Tracking number sent to you by Paypal.  We copy your name directly from Paypal.  We do not retype anything if we can copy to cut down on errors.  If your name is not capitalized it is not capitalized in Paypal.

Please be sure your mailing address is correct in PAYPAL before you pay for your item.
Thanks, Rick.

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