How to Assemble an Allen 530rr Bicycle Car Rack
This is a pictorial article on how to assemble and install the Allen 530rr 2" 3 bike, 540rr 2" 4 Bike, 550rr 2" 5 Bike, 430rr 1 1/4" 3 Bike, 440rr 1 1/4 4 Bike,  640rr 2" extended for rear mounted spare tires 4 Bike receiver hitch car rack.

How to Choose a Bicycle Rack for Your Car 

Zbikenut Compares the trunk racks, roof racks, spare tire racks, and receiver hitch racks to help you choose your Bicycle Car Rack 

Receiver Hitch Tips 

What is a receiver hitch bicycle rack and which one will fit my car. 

You can purchase one of these racks I keep them in stock most of the time.  Our S&H is only $4.95. 

Allen 303D Spare Tire Car Rack $68.95 

Allen 530RR Car Rack $112.95 

Allen 540RR Car Rack $113.95 

Allen 550RR Car Rack $134.95 

Allen 640RR Car Rack 

Hollywood Road Runner Car Rack 

Hollywood Traveler Car Rack 

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