Park PRS-20 Professional Folding Road Bike
Repair Stand Race

The new PRS-20 Team Race Stand is a compact, Euro-style work
stand that securely holds the bike without clamping the
frame tubes or seat post. Ideal for bikes with ultra
lightweight frame tubes and seatposts, and for bikes with
tight access areas that can't be clamped.
Originally designed for the mechanics of the Tour de France-winning
US Postal Service Pro Cycling Team, the PRS-20 is now available
to professional and home mechanics everywhere.
Quick release mounts hold bike securely by the front or rear dropouts.
Vinyl-covered cradle and quick release retention strap stabilize bottom bracket
360 degree horizontal rotation allows easy access to both sides of bike
Clamp front fork, or rear dropouts
Folds to 33-inches (84cm) for easy transport and storage
Stable tripod base
Built-in "sleeping hub" allows easy chain cleaning with rear wheel removed
Bottom bracket height quickly adjusts from 28-inches to 38-inches (71cm to 96cm)
Durable blue powder coat finish. High wear parts are chrome plated

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