Secret to EBay's Success

The Secret to eBay's Success

There are several keys to eBay's Success


EBay was the first online auction house to get big traffic.  The eBay phenomenon is absolutely the best rags to riches story of online success.  The traffic and buzz eBay was able to create and build upon is stunning.  Now the interested traffic that they are able to get to anyone's auction advertizement is unbelievable.  Some of the auctions that I have put on ebay have garnered over 1000 viewings in seven days. 


One of the keys in any advertisement is to develop Urgency.  The auction model has always been good at giving the potential buyer a real sense of urgency.  You must bid before the auction ends or you will not be able to buy this item.  The cost of listing items puts urgency in the seller.  The starting price must be low enough to attract buyers.


One of the main keys to eBay success is the feedback system they put into place.  Originally anyone could give anyone feedback for any reason.  It didn't take too long and scammers started throwing tons of negative feedback out.   Now in order to leave feedback for another eBayer you need to have had an eBay transaction with the other person.  Feedback from lots of people that have dealt with the individual you are thinking of dealing with is awesome.  It brings me to the key factor for eBay Buyers.  Which happens to be the reaon all the sellers are on eBay.

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The Feedback system weeds out the deadbeat buyers and the unethical sellers.  Paypal addes another layer of security for both the sellers and the buyers.


If you pay for your auction or online purchase with Paypal you do not need to pay for insurance.  The seller must prove to Paypal with a tracking number that they delivered the item to you if you dispute the delivery of the item.  As the seller if you can show the tracking of your item delivered to the purchaser you will get payment.

Craig's List VS Ebay

Craigslist has become a power online.  Will it come to compete with eBay?  I give that a resounding NO.  Craigslist is an online classified listing.  It is great for dealing locally but it will not compete with eBay in its current form.  It does not give urgency or trust and it doesn't have the billing system to become the monster cash generator that eBay has become.

EBay and Google etc.

Interesting that several of the most successful online companies eBay, Yahoo, Google are basically advertising companies. 


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