EBay Keys to a Great Ad
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Ebay Keys to a Great Listing

Give as much Information as you can find on the item. How old is it, how much use, How much did it cost new, any information that you have put it out there and it will help with the price of your auction.

If it is a new item put the UPC code and the MPN (Manufactuters Product Number)

Show your Blemishes
Be sure to put pictures in of the blemishes. This will keep you from getting negatives. Often if you mention that there is a small blemish and do not show it people will think the worst. Put your worst foot forward.

Large Pictures
Be sure the pictures are in a the largest format your camera can take.  It used to be better to use a small format however with the internet being so much faster now than 20 years ago, it is better to use large pictures.

Lots of Clear Pictures
If possible try to get several shots that are really clear, sharp. A really good photo can help you turn a good auction into a Great Auction.  I store my photos for free on
www.photobucket.com, they load fast and I don't have to pay 15 cents per picture to eBay. After you load your pictures up to Photobucket just click on the HTML tag and paste it into your auction descption. You will need to change the "eBay description" to HTML view before you paste in the HTML Tag.

Multiple Ebay Pictures

Ebay now allows you to add more pictures for free.  The more pictures you put up the more likely your item will sell.

Clearly price the Shipping
Many people put a really high s&h charge in to cut down on the end of auction eBay fees. Some bidders resent this. It is different in different parts of eBay. I sell stuff in the computer division and have never had a shipping charge complaint. In the the Cell Phone division I have gotten negatives for a $4 handling charge. In the Bicycle division I have gotten complaints over a $4 handling charge.

Recently I went to free shipping on everything and just add the shipping to the amount I am trying to get for the item.

Clearly state the terms where will you ship to and how much you will charge.

Hawaii and Alaska
Will you ship to Hawaii and Alaska? If you can ship the item by US Postal Service Priority or First Class mail it is about the same as shipping to the 48 lower states. If you have a large item that needs to go by ground it must go by Air to Hawaii and Alaska and it is a lot more expensive. Another ebay Key---Figure out the shipping before you build your eBay Ad.  

I do not ship any item I have to ship by UPS or FedX ground to Hawaii or Alaska.

It used to be a big thing to charge extra for insurance, that is no longer an option.

Return Policy
What is your return policy--- Many sellers put a fairly high S&H fee that is not refundable but will accept returns shipping paid by the buyer. Be clear. It is best to state your return policy in your ad then there is no confusion.

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Good Auction vs Great EBay Auction

The difference between a good auction and a Great auction is in how much your item brings.  If you want to increase your auction amounts the keys are here.

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