eBay Hidden Feedback in an Open Community
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Hidden feedback?

I have had over 10,000 transactions on eBay.  As a seller I deal with a lot of newbie ebayers.  Newbies now get to rate me without recourse or question.  Newbies with zero experience and Zero feedback can give me hidden feedback. 

The momentum for this change came because many eBay sellers are putting high freight charges on their items and ebay doesn't take their percentage cut from the freight charges.  Meg and the boys figured that sellers would go to free or low rate shipping if they were rated on shipping charges. ??? This has changed

eBay's Strength

The real strength in the eBay community has always been the open honest feedback system and the huge group of eBay sellers that educate the newbie buyers.

Tell me Meg Whitman if you are listening.  Why are you putting hidden feedback into the hands of the newbie buyers?  The newbies that the sellers have to educate. Why?   They can now hide their feedback and we as sellers cannot question or even respond?

The Sellers are the backbone of eBay.  Why? because we educate the newbie eBayers.  The open honest feedback system has kept the Sellers honest.  As sellers we take pride in our feedback ratings and work to keep it.   Now we are going to be rated on how well our Post office performs or how many of our emails get filtered out and we are unable to respond.

The products I sell happen to attract a lot of newbie eBayers.  Those of us who deal with a lot of newbies will get lower ratings no matter what our level of service.

So when do you raise my eBay fees again?  Wall street doesn't think you are making enough money?


This letter is in response to the changes made to eBay feedback May 2007.

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