Ebay Fees and Strategies
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EBay Fees Explained 
EBay has two main fees for the seller and no fees for the buyer. 

There are three main ways to list your item on Ebay, 

    List as an Auction 

    List at a Fixed Price

    List at a Fixed Price with offer accepted

These fees change from time to time and have gotten smaller through time.  

Power Seller  ????

Multiple Item EBay Fees    ???

End of Auction Fees (Final Value Fees)---This is where most of your monthly bill to ebay will come from.
Item not sold--No additional fee (you have already paid the insertion fee)

Here is the link to the eBay fees page.  http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html

Business, industrial equipment and Ebay Motors use a different Fee schedule.

EBay Strategy on EBay Fees

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Free Relisting Strategy 
Free Relisting if your item sells the second time.  If your item does not sell the first time you list it you can relist it.  If it sells the second time eBay will refund you the listing fee for the second listing.  This does not count for multiple item listings Only on single item listings and Only if the item sells.

Auto Relisting...???

When to end an eBay Auction 
I like to end my auctions on Sunday or weekday nights never Friday or Saturday night.  I have also had good luck late in the week afternoons Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  A lot of the computer stuff I have auctioned I have done well ending it on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday afternoon.  I read somewhere that most eBay items are actually bid on from work.  I have not had good luck with auctions ending in the morning especially on Monday.  With items that I am selling to grade school and high school kids I always list the item for 7 days (this seems to give the kids time to talk Mom and Dad into the item).  Other items that are really heavily searched like Dell computers I have done fine at times with just one day auctions.  I prefer to run 7 day auctions, I think the more people who see your item the better.  The ending time and day of your auction is important. 

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