Ebay Feed Back Strategies

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There are several keys to eBay Feed Back Strategies. 

First eBay feedback is a statement that an eBay member may leave about another eBay member.  This feedback is only available to be left when you have had a transaction with another member.

eBay feedback is open to be read by anybody that goes to the eBay site.  Every eBay member has an eBay name (often called eBay Handle).  There is a number posted right after the Handle that is a link to the rating of the member.  If you click on this number you can see how many positives and how many negatives a eBay has recieved from their trading partners.

Heart of eBay

The Feed Back system is the heart of eBay.  Feedback rating percentage is figured by dividing the number of unique feed backs received by the number of unique negatives.  If one person has left multiple feed back for you they only count once.

The feed back mechanism is one of the most powerful tools for getting rid of bad traders.  EBay has worked hard to keep the feedback system working well.

Seller Feedback

Sellers can only leave positive feedback.  This was not always the case, however ebay decided too many sellers were performing poorly but would punish anyone that left a neutral or negative.

Deadbeat Buyers

If you have a buyer that has done you wrong, call eBay customer support and complain.  You can also put them on your Block Bidders list.

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