Cateye Astrale Bicycle Computer

Pedal Cadence

The Cateye Astrale is one of the few computers that measures Cacdence which is your pedal RPM. The pickup for your crank RPM mounts on your chainstay.

The Best Trainer Speedometer

Your speed is measured off your rear wheel. This is real handy if you use a trainer.  Most speedometers mount on the front wheel and do not register when you are using a trainer.  It is easier to stay motivated when you can track the speed, distance, and time when using a trainer. I keep a little log. I hve my record for the 5 mile, 10 mile and 20 mile. a simple log with the readouts of my computer after the workout keeps me much more honest. I can think that I got 15 workouts in February but my log doesn't lie.

    -Current Speed
    -Maximum Speed
    -Average Speed
    -Trip Distance
    -Total Distance
    -Elapsed Time
    -12/24-hour Clock

    -Rear speed sensor
    -Auto Start/Stop
    -Auto Power-saving mode
    -Universal sensor mounts 
    -Handlebar mount size: 22-32mm
    -Sensor mounts: 11-55mm
    -Battery: CR2032


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