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How to Choose a Bicycle Rack for your Car

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Trunk mount, Spare Tire, Roof racks and Receiver hitch car racks.

Receiver Hitch Tips
What size receiver hitch is on your car, how does a bicycle car rack work on my receiver hitch.

Mountain Bike Tool Kit
What tools should you have in your Take along Mountain Bike Tool Kit?

Clipless Mountain Pedals and Shoes
What are Clipless Mountain Bike pedals and shoes and are they different from Road pedals.

How to Buy a Used Bike

Hiawatha Trail

Cateye Micro Installation,
Cateye Micro Clock Setting
Cateye Micro Calibrate

Instructions on how to install and calibrate your Cateye Micro Computer.

Cateye Strada Wireless Installation

Instructions on how to Calibrate and install your Cateye Strada Wireless 

Cateye HL-EL530 Headlight Installation
Instructions and tips on how to install a Cateye Headlight

Zbikenut Articles About Ebay

I have had several thousand eBay auctions in the last few years. Here are some tips I have picked up along the way.

Ebay Tips

Ebay Shipping Tips

Secret to EBay's Success

EBay Keys to a Great Ad 

Ebay Fees and Strategies 

Ebay Does Not Get It 

Zbikenut Website Articles

I am learning and playing with website building here are some articles that I have found interesting.

Google Pages Free Web Hosting

Highest Googlepages Page Rank

Affiliate Masters Course

Site build it  free Affiliate Masters Course from Ken Evoy.  

"I Love SBI!" Videos Site
This is a web page with a bunch of different videos from other rabid SBI fans.  Site Build it is for the Beginner or Expert Website Builder.  Several everyday Joe's who have built successful websites with SBI tell their story.


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