Bicycle Flat Tire Repair

First remove your wheel from your bike

Rear Wheel Removal

Shift to the smallest gear on the back gear set.

Release the rear brake. 


Rear wheel pic


Release the rear wheel and move the rear derailleur back and the wheel will drop right out. 



Carefully look at the tire all the way around.   You are looking for a piece of glass, a tack anything that may have penetrated the tire and tube. 


Then remove the tire by using tire levers.  Stick one in and hook it on a spoke.  Then start about 8 inches away and put the next lever in.  Often now you can slide the second lever around the rim and pull the bead off the rim.  Now take the second bead off the rim. 


If you haven't yet found the hole in your tube, leave the tube in the tire and inflate.  Make the tube really plump and listen or feel for hissing air.  I use my nose to sniff out the leaking air.


Then try to find what caused the hole and get it out of the tire.  If it is a staple, thorn or piece of glass in the tire if you do not get it out of the tire your new tube will go flat also.

Replacing the Tire and Tube

If you are using a new Tube plump it up and slip it into the tire.   Gently put the valve stem in the hole in the rim.  Start with one bead and get it on the rim. 


Now work the second bead onto the rim.  As you get close to completing the second bead if you have to you can let some of the air out of the plump tube.    Now we can reinflate the tire.


Reinstalling the tire

Open the Brake.  If you took the wheel off when the tire was flat you didn't need to open the brake.  Now with air in the tire release the brake.  Cantilever, V-Brake and Road brakes all have releases.



Move the chain back, Seat the axle in the bottom of the drop outs, reset the brakes.  Check for brake rub.  Spin the wheel to make sure the tire is on the rim without lumps.  Back to enjoying your ride.

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