Allen 550RR 5 Bike Bicycle Car Rack 2" Receiver

New in the box Model 550RR Allen Car Rack.
This rack is designed to fit into the 2" Receiver that is under the
bumper of most full size SUVs and Trucks.

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This picture shows the 530rr--the only difference is the length of the arms
and number of frame holders.

Yes the 550rr is designed to carry 5 bicycles or less.
This is a great, easy to use Car Rack.
The arms that hold the bicycle are padded
and have frame straps that keep the bikes in place.
The arms fold down so when it is on the car
without bikes on it does not stick out very far.
If you have a spare tire on the back of your
tailgate this rack will probably not work But I do
have one available that will.
The rack will pivot down so you can open the tailgate
of your car without taking the rack off the car.
This rack is very easy to assemble.
This rack is the easiest receiver rack to store because you can easily
fold both the arms and the stinger that goes into the car.
We Ship by UPS Ground.
I only ship to the lower 48 US States.
I accept Money orders, Bank checks and Paypal.
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How to Assemble an Allen 530RR/550RR Bike Rack
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