4. DIY

Z-Berry is DIY project. Never produced, only way to own one is to do it yourself or ask your friend to assembly it. Cost of all components including display and box is about € 26/ USD 28.

What you need:

- all components
- soldering iron
- soldering flux
- soldering tin
- soldering paste (not necessary but recommended)
- tweezers
- needle tool
- magnifier
- school paintbrush
- isopropyl alcohol
- enough light
steady hands, good eyes
- more than 3 hours of free time

Soldering paste (liquid tin paste)

How to do it (tips and best practice):

- Cut RTC daughter board using cutter and  metal ruller.

- Clean pcb with isopropyl alcohol.

- Solder USB connector, red LED and R9 resistor, connect to USB power to light LED up. USB connector can be soldered with fitting pins inside holes. Use tweezers to turn them.

- Add isopropyl alcohol to tin paste (to honey consistency), using needle tool put small drop to each pad.

- Fit CPU socket to right place and fix middle pins from each side. 0.5mm soldering tip is the best tool to do it.

- Heat every pin with iron.

- Wash PCB with isopropyl alcohol to remove residuals. Use small paintbrush.

- Test each pad (system bus pins help to measure, use processor pin-out from datasheet.)

- Do the same with ROM socket.

- Fit oscillator on the bottom side. Tin paste can help again. Do not forget to connect enable pin to +5V. Test oscillator with counter or logic probe if works correctly.

- Now the most complicated part is done.

- Solder ICs on upper side classical way. Test each pin with ohmmeter for shorts. All chips are oriented right or down.

- Solder ICS on bottom side and SD card socket too. All chips are oriented left or down.

- Solder resistors, capacitors and diodes.

- Solder connectors, beeper and reset button. Serial port connector needs small change: move plastic part to proper position to fit box hole correctly.

- Wash PCB with isopropyl alcohol.

Board 1.0q owners pay attention to errors in markings on board:
 component marked correct
 R1 10k 100k
 R15 10k 1k
 R16 10k 1k
 OSC 20MHz 10MHz