Congressman Brad Schneider at Zion City Hall

Blue Wave Sweeps Lake County!

The final election results were certified on November 20th, and in a classic example of "every vote counts", our own Zion resident and Democratic Committeeman John Idleburg was declared the winner in the race for Lake County Sheriff by less than 200 votes! John joins Holly Kim ( Lake County Treasurer) and Robin O'Connor (Lake County Clerk) in flipping three countywide offices from Republican to Democratic control. Also, the Lake County Board flipped from a Republican to Democratic majority, and Joyce Mason became the first Democrat to ever be elected to the office of State Representative for the 61st district!

Congressman Brad Schneider will continue to serve the 10th District, and with Statewide wins for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Comptroller, the Democratic party is set to present a progressive agenda to get Illinois moving again.

Congratulations to all of our candidates, and after a well deserved rest, let's get ready for the April 2019 Consolidated General Election for municipal offices and school districts, there is still time to file nomination petitions for that election, so don't wait. Remember that 2020 is not that far off, and we can build on today's victories for tomorrow's.

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Our Committee Members

Benton Township

  • Benton 51 Joy Mix
  • Benton 53 David A Patterson
  • Benton 60 Olivia F Lakso (Chairperson)
  • Benton 61 Elizabeth Ann (Betsy) Hastings
  • Benton 63 Preston P Carter

Zion Township

  • Zion 403 Carolyn A Rivers
  • Zion 405 Anthony Vega
  • Zion 407 Margie L. Taylor
  • Zion 408 Anthony Mull
  • Zion 409 Beverly A Mull (Chairperson)
  • Zion 410 John D Idleburg Jr
  • Zion 411 Christopher J Fischer
  • Zion 412 Deborah Ann Doxie
  • Zion 413 Jacqueline Holmes
  • Zion 414 Pamela J. Idleburg
  • Zion 415 Patricia A Stephen


This is a good time to check and make sure that you are registered to vote. If you live in Lake County Illinois, you can verify your registration with the County Clerk at this link: Be sure to check with your family and friends to make sure they are registered too. Remember that decisions are made by those who show up. #GOTV

November 6th Democratic Candidates


Brad Schneider - Congress, 10th District

State of Illinois

JB Pritzker - Governor

Kwame Raoul - Attorney General

Jessie White - Secretary of State

Susana A. Mendoza - Comptroller

Michael W. Frerichs - Treasurer

State Representative - General Assembly 61st District

Joyce Mason

Lake County

Lake County Clerk

Robin M. O'Connor

Lake County Treasurer

Holly Kim

Lake County Sheriff

John Idleburg

Judge of the Circuit Court, 19th Judicial Circuit

Charles "Chuck" Smith

To contact the Zion-Benton Democratic Committee, use this link: Contact ZB Democrats