Welcome to Zazy Khan´s Home Page!

This page provides an overview of my academic research, activities, and ongoing projects. Currently, I am on job-market and searching for a position both in academia and industry. I have completed my Doctoral-Degree from the University of Verona, Italy.

Research Interests: 
Primary: Hedge Fund Activism, Institutional Shareholding, Financial Crisis
Secondary: Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Valuation

My research focuses on hedge fund activism. It extends and re-examines the empirical evidence on the impact of fund activism on the internal governance of the targeted firms. Unlike previous studies, it tests the effectiveness of fund-related activism in the period when markets conditions are unfavorable and global financial system is at stake. It also tests whether there is any paradigm shift in activists investing strategies, targeting patterns, and emerging outcomes following the recent financial crisis.



Mail Adress:  
Calle Irunlarrea 55, Apt.  7A, 31008,  Pamplona, 
Navarra, Spain.

E-mail:      zazy.khan@univr.it,

Skype: zazy_khan

Mob: 0034 - 625 79 36 10