Tacoma IBD Annex

Our Mission

We are Tacoma area investors and traders. Participants in our Meetup group aren’t simply members; we are all partners pursuing successful trading based on sound rules and growth stock guidelines. Participation is our cornerstone because a group is only as good as the effort its members put forth. Regardless of experience, beginner or guru, we welcome individuals who are interested in learning more about “How to Make Money in Stocks” and willing to help us make this group a valuable, dynamic resource for our members!


Meeting Focus

Our focus is to educate and motivate. Our main goal is to customize our meetings  and material to cover what participating members find most helpful and profitable! Our primary objective is to teach you how to apply growth stock trading techniques, conduct research, identify leading stocks, know ‘in real-time ’ when to buy, sell, or hold these stocks, build a watch list and manage portfolio risk. We enthusiastically encourage participation, feedback, and volunteering. And we aspire to promote & continually improve our group’s awesome tools & resources. Everything we share is for educational purposes only and are never recommendations to buy, sell or hold. 


Website Focus

We continue to develop our websites and its potential! Currently, we are focusing on three key components. Our chief focus is to encourage interaction & communication between members. Our chat room is a tremendous opportunity to pool and share the knowledge, experience & strengths of all our members! We have uploaded presentations covering such topics as: stocks near buy points, buying, selling, finding leaders, past winners, technical analysis, options, and market health. Second, we are steadily expanding our website into a fantastic educational resource where instructive files can be downloaded. We have begun building our webinar archives. Last but not least, we promote feedback, input, participation and involvement so we can continue to grow & improve!