Tacoma IBD is always free. And it's all about becoming better traders! We have a plethora of educational files posted on our Tacoma IBD Meetup Website. They are available to all our members.  We have recently created a "Fast Track Your Learning" discussion series. There are helpful links to various presentations and resources for specific topics. Allowing one to focus on topics of interest without having to hunt for them in our archives. Just zero in on discussions labeled "Fast Track Your Learning". Remember, you must be signed in to access our discussion folders.

There are many helpful learning resources on YouTube in addition to our own channel. A motivated individual can learn much about trading... as well as find answers to just about any questions they may have on virtually any topic. One of the biggest problems in becoming a better trader is filtering through all the available information and focusing on only the highest quality. Below are some examples of quality educational resources.



Your Trading Coach

Dave Landry

SMB Capital

Big Mikes

Al Brooks

Larry Connors

Dr Ken Long

Chat with Traders

Better System Trader


Excel Is Fun