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Windows Keyboard Layouts (Drivers):                                                Download:  for 32-bit OS  for 64-bit OS

For Georgian Unicode Fonts
Georgian Unicode (Lat) - Latin layout
Georgian Unicode (Lat-Caps) - Latin layout (uppercase letters - only NT platform)
Georgian Unicode (TW) - Typewriter layout
Georgian Unicode (RU) - Russian layout

For Georgian SP (Standard 8-bit encoding) Fonts
Georgian Standard (Lat) - Latin layout
Georgian Standard (TW) - Typewriter layout
Georgian Standard (RU) - Russian layout

For Georgian "ITV" (Russian encoding) Fonts
Georgian ITV (Lat) - Latin layout
Georgian ITV (Lat-Caps) - Latin layout (uppercase letters)
Georgian Unicode (TW) - Typewriter layout

For Georgian "Nusx" (Latin encoding) Fonts
Georgian Nusx (TW) - Typewriter layout
Georgian Nusx (RU) - Russian layout

For Russian Fonts
Russian (Alt) - Alternative transliterated layout

Some Georgian Unicode and "ITV" fonts include both lowercase & uppercase letters.
When using 'Lat' layout for these fonts, pressing "AltGr" (right "Alt") and some letter key
produces corresponding uppercase letter;  to type uppercase letters without "AltGr", use "(Lat-Caps)" layout.