Route 1, Biddeford ME


This Marden's store is located in the former Stuart's department store in Biddeford. The left part of the building may have been part of the store originally and later transformer into other stores. It has for sure been renovated and painted in an "Ames green" color. 


The exterior style of the former Stuart's is very 60's-70's with the sign on top of the store.  Stuart’s closed in 1995.  It has been replaced by The Barn in 1999.  Later, Dollar Tree opened a store by taking over some of the anchor store’s space on the left. Marden’s used the rest.  This plaza is also called “The Barn Plaza”.

 Actual tenants
Dollar Tree
Chineese Buffet
Thrift Store
The Barn


Former Stuart's on the right.
Boarded up Stuart's in Biddeford
 Boarded up Stuart's in Biddeford 

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