• Address: 1016, Route 2
  • City: Rumford, ME
  • Opening date: 1973

The Abbott Farm Shopping Plaza opened in 1973. It was then anchored by a Zayre department store and a supermarket. When Ames acquired Zayre in 1988-89, the store became an Ames. In 1991, the plaza was home to ames, Shop'n save, Brooks, Fashion Bug and other stores. At some point Shop'n save moved out. Ames closed in 2002 when the chain went bankrupt. The space stayed vacant until a Barn Discount opened. Marden's has since replaced this store and occupies the former Ames since 2007. Dollar Tree opened and was later joined by Olympia Sports and a small Sears store recently. The outside of the Marden's building is almost unchanged from its Zayre origins.

Pictures from the plaza here.

Actual Tenants


Dollar Tree

Olympia Sports

Tractor Supply




Dollar Depot+

Shop'n save

Fashion Bug

Brooks Drug

Barn Discount

AAA self storage

Tiny Bill's


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