Gorham Road, South Portland, ME

This plaza is located across the street from the Maine Mall. It's in the center of it all, at the junction of Gorham and Maine Mall roads.  Zayre was the original anchor store when the plaza opened in 1973.  The Zayre building was not connected with the rest of the plaza.  Zayre was the only discount department store in the Maine Mall area, with only a Woolworth in the Maine Mall.  There are varioux businesses in front of the Mall Plaza and all are not officially part of the complex.  Ames replaced Zayre but the old Zayre style remained inside and out. 


Ames closed in 2002 and was later replaced by Dick’s Sporting Goods.  The new store added it’s own style to the former Zayre store with original parts of it still intact today.  The old pylon sign used by Zayre and Ames also beared the Dick’s logo for a period but was replaced by a new shorter one.  Another sign (pictured below) is on Gorham Road only.


 Actual tenants
Dick's Sporting Goods
Big & Tall
Party City
Deb Shops
Bed & Bath

Aerial view

                        Former Zayre still visible                                                   Ames when still open                        Dick's Sign              Gorham Rd. Sign

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