East Avenue & Lisbon Street, Lewiston ME

The Lewiston Mall was proposed around 1968.  It all began with the building of a Zayre store which opened in October 1969 (At the time this was Maine's 6th Zayre location).  In 1970, W.T.Grant was added and in 1971 the mall itself was under construction between the two anchor stores.


In 1971, Anderson-Little, Fanny Farmer, Deering Ice Cream, Thom McAn, CVS, Beaconway, Nugent's, a liquor store and a bank signes leases for the mall.  In 1973, York Steak House opened in a free-standing building in the mall's parking lot.


In 1976, The Workshop craft & hoppy opened at the Mall.  By then Grant City was closed following their bankruptcy.  In 1979 Waldenbooks opened.  Around 1979, Sears relocated their downtown store to the former Grant City at the mall, an 89,000 sq.ft space.  Zayre originally had an auto center located in the front right corner of the building.


At some point, Food Town closed and became Save-A-Lot supermarket.  This store is located outparcel near Sears.  After the 1989-1990 acquisition of Zayre by Ames, the store changed logo and colors.  This Ames was large and was the only discount store left in Lewiston after the closing of Bradlees in 1996.  At one point, Margaritas Mexican restaurant opened in the free-standing building at the mall.


In 2002, Ames went out of business and the Lewiston store closed in October.  In 2005, a Chineese restaurant and Planet Fitness announced they would move in part of the former Ames.  L.L.Bean once used the space as a temporary clearance store.  Margarita's has relocated to Auburn in the former Ground Round.  Recently the exterior of the mall has been entirely renovated and updated.

In 2012, Fashion Bug is closing all stores including the Lewiston location.  In September 2012, Sears announced it would not renew the lease at the mall.  This was a huge loss for the Lewiston Mall when the store closed early in 2013. Lewiston Mall and Lewiston in general are no longer the prime retail areas they used to be with most new stores opting for Auburn recently.


 Actual tenants


Pet Life

Dunkin Donuts

Planet Fitness

Bull Moose Music

Olympia Sports

Arts Nail

Key Bank


New China Buffet



York Steak House

Grant City

Fanny Farmer

Deering Ice Cream

Thom McAn



Liquor Store


The Workshop

Food Town

Direct Film

Heartland Rest.

Hit or Miss

Pearle Vision

DeOrsey's Records

Fashion Bug
Radio Shack
G.M.Pollack & Son




 Lewiston Mall (Ames) in 2000.

Ames after the closure
Ames entrance in the Mall after the closing

Lewiston Mall sign before 2002


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