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Kohl's is a company on the move with new stores opening at a fast pace.  They've been in northern New England for less than ten years but in this short time, they made their markI did not knew Kohl’s until Bradlees went out of business at the end of 2000.  Early in 2001, Kohl's acquired many of the prime retail locations left vacant by Bradlees to enter the market.  Stores opened in Nashua, Salem, Hooksett, Plaistow and Newington NH.   I visited the Newington store and i was amazed to see this kind of concept.  It was like a Sears but in a smaller store, with a different layout and selection of products.  Strange fabric shopping carts, checkouts at the two front entrances, low ceiling, wide aisles in a very bright and clean store!  It was the complete opposite of the old Bradlees that was located there before.

Kohl's is growing fast in stores and sales.  They are expanding into new markets and will soon serve all the states.  They surpassed Ames in sales and number of stores in a short time.  Kohl's took advantage of Ames closing like it did for Bradlees.  They picked up some locations to open even more stores like West Lebanon NH and South Burlington VT.  There are many retail projects in the air in New England and Kohl's is part of most of them.  In Maine, Kohl's opened in 2005 in Biddeford, and now Westbrook, Augusta and Bangor have a store.  The company opened a total of 95 new stores in 2005 including its first location in Florida.  Kohl's opened a store in Auburn Maine in October 2006.  Their latest addition was a new store in Seabrook NH.  A new store opened in 2011 in Bedford NH.




Kohl's was founded by the Kohl family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1962. In 1978, the Kohl's Corporation becomes wholly owned by the BATUS Retail Group, a subsidiary of British-American Tobacco Company. While owned by BATUS, Kohl's expands from 10 to 39 stores throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.  In 1988, Kohl's acquires 26 Main Street Stores, expanding to 66 stores. 


Fast expansion continues in the 1990's and Kohl's joins the S&P500.  In 2002, Kohl’s opens stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island for the first time. The company also adds stores in Houston. In all, Kohl’s opens 75 stores in 2002. Kohl’s also opens a distribution center in San Bernardino, CA, in late 2002 to facilitate its Southwest expansion. At the end of the year, sales exceed $9 billion, and the company counts more than 80,000 associates among its ranks.

If you've ever shopped one of their clean, bright new department stores, you've already experienced their commitment to family, value and national brands. The stores are stocked with everything you need like apparel, shoes & accessories for women, children and men, plus home products like small electrics, bedding, luggage and more.



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