Madison Avenue (Route 201), Skowhegan ME

Kennebec Village Shopping Center opened in 1978 and was then anchored by Kmart.  The store was later joined by Shop'n save supermarket in 1979. There were also two or three smaller tenants in the plaza.  That Kmart store never was renovated and looked quite old and outdated in the early 90's.  It still had had orange stripes on the walls, brown counters, round chrome racks and the turquoise logo outside.   

Nothing changed much at the plaza until in 1995 when a sign was put in the lawn in front of the property. The sign was showing the new Kmart logo and indicating: «Coming Soon!»  But the store never was renovated and it closed in 1996 along with 14 other stores in the U.S.  Shortly after, Shop'n save moved away to a new plaza anchored by Walmart.  

Sherwin-Willliams also left the plaza which became almost entirely vacant. The former Kmart store remained vacant for ten years. In December 2005, the property was sold to a Massachusetts developer who proposed to divide the former supermarket into several small stores.  A glimpse of hope finally came when Dollar Tree announced they would open there.

Dollar Tree opened in part the former Shop'n save space. In 2007, Tractor Supply opened a store in roughly half of the vacant Kmart.  Olympia Sports opened a store in 2007 as well.  In 2009, a clothing store called Label Shopper opened leaving only two vacant spots in the plaza. Truly, an unbelievable rebirth for this shopping center!

 Actual tenants

Chinese restaurant
Dollar Tree
Tractor Supply
Olympia Sports

Label Shopper

Shop'n save
Sherwin Williams
Wellby Super Drug
Other store?


(Left to right:) Sign after the opening of Tractor Supply / Sign in 2006 / Original sign 
 Vacant Kmart and Shop'n save stores years ago.

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