This plaza originally was anchored by J.M.Fields. It may also have had a J.M.Fields food store (possibly Food Fair). The two stores were eventually replaced by Caldor and Marshalls.

This was the only Caldor of Northern New England. Caldor did not change a thing to the exterior of the building when they moved in. The look and shape of the exterior storefront was exactly the one of the closed Bradlees in Concord NH which also was a JM Fields.

Caldor went out of business in 1999 so the store closed. The building remained intact with the Caldor logo still up on the front of the store and on the pylon sign in 2002 as shown in the picture above. The Caldor building was demolished around 2003. By then, Marshalls had moved across the street to the Bedford Mall and its former space had become a HomeGoods.

Demolished Caldor in 2003

Stop & Shop opened a store on that site. The new supermarket building is facing Kilton Road instead of South River Road like Caldor did. Because of that, HomeGoods had to relocate their entrance to another side of the building to fit the new layout of the shopping center. Stop & Shop closed all New Hampshire stores in 2013 including this location. The store was replaced by Hannaford sometime in 2016. The former Stop&Shop gas station was demolished.

Actual tenants






JM Fields


Super Stop & Shop

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