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The Nashua Mall is the first indoor mall built in New Hampshire.  It opened in 1969 and was originally called Gate City Mall.  Woolco was one of the two main anchor of the mall. *Montgomery Ward was built outside the mall in a separate lot across the street in 1972.  Woolco probably closed in 1983 when the company closed it's U.S. stores.  Bradlees opened in the former Woolco The indoor part of the mall once featured 33 stores.  There was a small plaza located on the mall premises wich was anchored by Child World and Alexander's Supermarket.  It also had many small stores like Radio Shack, a Bakery and more.

In 1987, the 70,000 sf. Almy's closed and it became Burlington Coat Factory in 1988.  Child World closed in 1992 and it was the begining of the end for the plaza. Alexander's became Shop'n save in 1991 and relocated across the street to a more modern and larger building in 1995.  By 2000, all stores moved out of the small plaza.  Some moved to the indoor mall and other elsewhere in the city.

Montgomery Ward closed in 1997 along with the two other NH stores.   Burlington Coat  Factory got remodeled and added more floor space in 1999.  That year, the mall started to loose stores and was dying from then on, due to age. Across the street, Montgomery Ward became Ames in 2000.  In 2001, the 80,000 sf. Bradlees closed.  The small plaza was demolished that year and it was replaced by a Home Depot in 2002.   Half of the mall closer to BCF was demolished and rebuilt into Christmas Tree Shops that opened in August 2002.  The exterior of the mall got remodeled and there were only 14 stores left inside.

Bradlees got demolished and a 93,800 sf. Kohl's was built.  The old Nashua Cinema was demolished in 2003 and rebuilt ad Wendy's and Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse.  The remaining indoor mall section closed  in late december 2003.  The section got demolished and rebuilt into a 37,000 sf. Babies r us that opened in October 2004 and a 13,700 sf. L.L. bean that opened in September 2004.

A small outdoor plaza was added behind Babies "r" us and some former indoor mall stores are now located there.  2006 Update:  40,000 sf. of the former Ames became an 8-screen Chunky's Cinema. 
Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse closed in 2016.

A Youtube video shows the Nashua Mall several years ago.

 Actual tenants
Babies r us
Christmas Tree Shops
Home Depot
Burlington Coat Fact.

& more.

Fanny Farmer
Child World
Irish Cottage
Movie Gallery
Poore Simon's
Cherry & Webb
Radio Shack


Former Woolco pylon sign

Former Almy's - Now Burlington Coat Factory
Montgomery Ward Auto Center
Montgomery Ward Auto Center

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