Hey my name is Brenda, am 14 years old. I live in Richmond California, which is really close to San Francisco. There's times were  it could be dangerous to live in a place were is known for the killing and lots of violence, but is not that bad of a place like they say. Is actually really fun and there's lots of places to go to. I'll  be attending Richmond High next year as a freshman. Am really excited to attend there . People that don't come here might think the school is bad, but I believe is not the school is the students who make it seem bad. I also think that if i put all ma effort and work hard everything is going to be k. Therefor am a be able to  succeed and work hard. Some of my interest are: I like going shopping for example I enjoy shopping at   forever21, I like to read, write, and also help people who need the help.

My main goals for the the future are to graduate from high school and get all the credits I need. So that I could accomplish my goals, later on in life. The most important  goal for not only me but my parents is to go to College. After I graduate I want to attend in a four year College, or maybe even six. The college I would like to go to is U.C DAVIS . Because many people have told me is a really good college, I want to attend at there. I would also want to get a job so that I could pay all my expenses and wont have to rely on my parents for the money am going to need during those years am going to be in College. I would like to be a Social Worker and be able to help kids find homes and a place were there going to be loved and taken care of. I would also want to raise money for those who need the help, Specially kids who don't have a place to live. There's other careers that I would like to work on which are : a bank accountant or a lawyer.

My goals for becoming a Social Worker , Bank accountant  and a lawyer are going to take my best effort and responsibility during the time am in Richmond High. After I graduate I would probably have to attend College for a couple of years. I need to take all the exams for example CASHEE and the SATS and ACT and  get a good grade on all of them.In order for this to happen I would have to work really hard and put mt best effort. I will have to get involve in the law academy here at Richmond high so that I could get more familiar with being a lawyer. I need to get a good paying job. I will always have to remember myself  that School work is always going to be my first priority.

 Hopefully by what you read it would show you th at I want to succed in life and get the best education I can, Also that I want to go to a good college were i can get all my education. I know that if i go to college my parents are going to be really proud of me, so therefor I'am going to do my best to succed and to get acepted in U.C DAVIS. Thanks for taking your time and readig my page.

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