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PRIVATE SELF-DEFENSE INSTRUCTION AND WEAPONS TRAINING: Improve your stamina, flexibility and spiritual discipline while learning the ancient secrets of self-defense. Safe, injury-free training, tailored to your natural abilities and physical limitations.
  1. Strikes - The basics of "trap fighting," a martial arts system developed by the legendary Bruce Lee.
  2. Throws - How to use your opponents' balance against them.
  3. Joint Restraints - Control your adversary with joint locks.
  4. Pressure Points - Against the musculo-skeletal, nervous, digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.
  5. Chokes - Learn to choke out your opponent by closing the airways or the blood vessels that feed oxygen to the brain..
  6. Holds - Learn to grapple your opponents and hold them without injuring them..

"ZANSHIN", proper alignment of mind, eyes, hips and shoulders, may also be applied to daily living. When our minds and spirits are properly aligned and focused we face life's challenges with confidence and joy." 
Sensei David Scott

David Scott earned a Second Degree Black Belt in the discipline of Shotokan Karate.  He has four years of experience teaching martial arts from beginning to advanced students of all ages, in groups and in private.  He has developed a streamlined program, focused on teaching effective self-defense techniques to people who may not wish to spend years training in a "Dojo" (karate school). Families are invited to train together at group rates! Special accomadations are made for those with physical limitations.                                                          
Kata "form" training is available!
Also offering training in Okinawan weaponry, including Bo, Nun-chaku, Sai and Tonfa!