Zannah's Armor 

Work log for crafting Zannah's Mandalorian armor and weaponry.

Welcome to Zannah's Armor.  I'll be posting my current work in regards to the progress of crafting Zannah's Mandalorian-based armor and armory.

The first project is craft a custom saber hilt.  For the sake of cost and malleability, PVC based materials will likely make up the core of the hilt.  For now, here is the working draft of what the hilt will look like when completed: 

Riding on the heels of this lightsaber hilt is its complimentary hilt.  The following being the first draft of its core design:

And, in regards to her armor, here is a draft of her helmet.  Personally, I like it.

 And now a sketch of her gauntlets:

Well, we found a nice little recommendation on The Dented Helmet for lightweight gauntlets.  To create the above gauntlets, we'll do extensive modification on these shinguards from Wal-Mart:

We also have a draft of her blaster pistol(s).


Details on the crafting process will be posted as they become available.  Stay tuned for those updates. 

I've been working on some prototype crafting, and have developed very basic forms of Zannah's sabers.

The first saber, is the straight, tapered hilt.  Using some sign material I found and some leftover PVC, I created this:

I started with a higher thickness PVC base on the upper hilt, but found that it was too thick for the base, so I moved to the thinner PVC on the bottom.  So far, duct tape is central to the prototyping.  The sign material works well for the tapering, but the base still needs work.

The second saber, the rounded hilt, was a bit more challenging to create:

It's not really possible to see what is going on beneath the duct tape here, but there are a series of roughly one inch long segments of PVC that have an angled end, all attached to each other to create the rounded hilt.  This is a modified form of what the Dented Helmet member, eighteendelta, had recommended.  That recommendation was to create wedges of PVC which would result in an angled hilt.  That would have probably worked just as well here, but I opted to use this technique instead for want of a distinctly round hilt.

More updates as they become available.