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Winged Victory of Samothrace

Pattern of outward log spiraling array (set) of VR Regional volumes (i.e. 3-manifolds), above and below.
Stability of trajectories of modified n-body array of manifolds for System.

remoteness is the founder is sweetness ....      Emily Dickinson

Sibelius 4

A modified global instant (i.e. snapshot) of a plane (one of 6 or more; see SRM page?) of VRs, with depiction of past evolution
of 1 such Regional Volume VR; likewise for all VRs. Such VRs never intersect. That is, modified concomitant outward spiraling trajectories for
VRs of 1 plane. See animation and SRM monograph.

Instructions: Can download any file by R clicking, and 'save link target as' to HD. L click to just display file in  Acrobat Reader. Most all of notation should now show up in just the Reader. If not, then use full Adobe Acrobat 4 or higher program, which is most accurate. Ghostscript viewer and xpdf may be less satisfactory in regards to notation and/or graphics. For Windows IE browser, if graphic is too dark, then R click on properties to give accurate tone. If using full program, make sure that from View - fonts drop down menu, or from Preferences - then display, that use local fonts is checked.  TMM

O world invisible, we see thee

O world intangible, we touch thee

O world unknowable, we know thee.

                  Francis Thompson

Inertia of manifold?  Law of Inertia for Manifold?  see SRM (Spiral Rotation Model), appendix, c/p/c 253-255, and MSM web page.

Blazars - ultraviolet emission lines and polar vortex? 'geodesic reconnect' for particle? Gamma Ray Burst: originating from interior of black hole? see SRM appendix and c/p/c 221, and modified black hole and SRM web pages.

Charged lepton fermion mass spectrum?  see MSM (Modified Set Model), SRM c/p/c 205, 155.

Do we live in mixture of 2 divergent topologically inequivalent manifolds (i.e. mixture of continua), with different overall attributes in regards to smoothness property?  see SRM page.

Some look at things and ask why,

while others dream of things that never were,

and ask why not.    George Bernard Shaw

Manifolds can neither be created nor destroyed (for example, retrospective extrapolation of our manifold to pre-Big Bang stage; and construction from null set ?).  see MSM page.

Highlight: origin of life and Archean. see SRM web page, and origin_life.pdf file

New matter and mass from Big Bang nucleosynthesis, and even from higher energy fermion mass spectrum and resultant superhadrons, from short duration hard (i.e. extremely intense) narrow beam gamma ray burst out of polar vortex of modified black hole; thus also suggestive of alleged finer scale nucleosynthesis, together with even higher energy finer scale, everywhere? see modified black hole page.

Vortical Black Hole ThermodynamicsOrigin and mechanism of short duration gamma ray bursts (GRB)?
see modified black hole and SRM pages.  TMM

Fission stars - red dwarfs?  Hence unending life on terrestrials of such infrared stars? see modified Black Hole page.

Exponentially changing and analytical cosmic time? Hence as if the evolving System were an analytical engine? Also, integers - analytical?
see SRM page.

Nature (philosophy) of Time   see SRM page.

Distribution of Primes versus that of matter (luminous and dark) for early universe; both non-uniform - mathematical and physical truth? TMM    see MSM page. 

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