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 tepoztopilli: The tepoztopilli is a long spear made with obsidian blades and oak staff.
 maquahuitl: The maquahuitl is made of a long piece of Oak wood and jutting out of it is obsidian.
 cuauhololli: The cuauhololli is a club made of a very hard piece of oak, usually a burl, and an oak handle is made for throwing at running targets.

 atlatl: The atlatl is somewhat like an older version of a bow and arrow. Its made so that the holder can fling an arrow with more power than with a normal bow.
 This knife is used by the chief to cut open the chest and rip the heart out.
 tematlatl : The tematlatl is a rope a rock, a very simple design for hurling small stones at the victim's legs and feet while running.

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