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A Whirl in the Darkness

Deadly Passion



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The night breeze taunts my pitiful pleas.
An insane child trying to grasp sanity's keys.
Unlocking the chambers of my now adult mind.
Will the psychiatrist believe the horrors he finds?

He can only discover what I’m willing to share.
Others sought the truth pretending to care.
A child’s voice screams from deep inside.
Please leave me in darkness, allow me to hide.

No one will believe what happened that night.
Keep the secret do not force me into the light.
Perhaps I am crazy listening to this child’s voice.
Telling my story I can see I made the wrong choice.

Altering my course I allow the child to remain hidden.
Speaking of the horrors that are not forbidden.
Telling of my parent’s death, my eyes start to tear.
The psychiatrist tells me I need to face my fear.

Perhaps he is right I cannot go on this way.
Struggling with the darkness praying for the next day.
Back to where I first met the demons face to face.
A fear the child in me must be forced to embrace.

A. W. Nutter