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Deadly Passion




Okay everyone, here is the begining of my next novel that I am working on. The title of it is "Deadly Passion". Feel free to email me at to give me feed back on it. I would really love to hear some input on it! Thank you for your time!



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            After dinner Travis walked with Sam to the front door. Tesa and Buckland sat in the kitchen talking about little things. Tesa could tell that everything was taking its toll on Buckland. He had aged about five years since this all began. Tesa got up to make him some fresh coffee to take outside with him. As Buckland took his leave Travis came back into the kitchen. “Tes, if you don’t mind I am going to go crash. It’s been a long day. And I should have stopped last night and slept. I’ll see you in the morning.”

            “Go for it, I am going to go into the secret room and decided where I want things to go. So please go get some sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.”

            Travis kissed her on the cheek then made his way out of the kitchen. Tesa sighed as she glanced around the kitchen. She began to pick up the dishes. Once all the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean, Tesa was happy. She was pleased to have a full kitchen with tons of room at her finger tips. She made her way to the secret room. She was busy deciding where to put everything. She didn’t notice anything until the cloth was over her mouth. She couldn’t even try to fight back before a blanket of darkness wrapped around her.

            Tesa woke up to the sound of mumbled voices. She tried to move but she was tied up. She looked around trying to figure out were she was. But she couldn’t see anything. She also tried to make out the voices but they were too mumbled. Tesa began to cry, that’s when the voices stopped, a door opened some where and the next thing that Tesa knew she was fighting off the darkness again.


Chapter 31


            The next morning Travis picked up a hot cup of coffee and made his way up to Tesa’s room. He knocked on the door for five minutes before he opened the door to find Tesa’s bed un-slept in. He dropped the cups of coffee as he spun on his heels and sprinted to the secret room. As Travis ran he had thoughts running through his mind rapidly. Please let her be okay. Please just let her be asleep in that room.  Even though I know it’s not true, please just change it so that she is okay. Oh God, I know I am in your shit book, but Tesa hasn’t done anything. Why are you doing this? Travis’s thoughts got worse as he got closer to the secret room. Once down there Travis found a note. He made a dash out of the secret room. As Travis sprinted out of the secret room, he felt as if he was running a run for his life. Even though it was Tesa that he was running for, it still felt that he was running for his own. When Travis made it out the front door, Sam was pulling in to relieve Buckland. Sheriff Buckland jumped from the car when he saw Travis’s face. “Travis, what’s wrong?” Sam was right on Buckland’s heels. He didn’t like the look on Travis’s face. Sam was completely worried about Tesa and he didn’t even know what was going to be said. Sam waited anxiously for Travis to speak. Please let her be okay! Please don’t hurt her! I’ll do everything right from here on in if she comes out of this okay! Sam thought as he looked Travis over.

            “I went in to give Tesa some coffee, but she wasn’t in her room. I got scared and dropped the coffee, and then I ran down to the secret room to see if she was down there. But instead I found a note. I didn’t touch anything, I came straight out here. I am really scared for Tesa!”  Travis was shaking; he couldn’t handle this kind of stress. He was scared that Tesa wasn’t going to be okay. He had never been in a situation.

            “Okay, stay calm. Show me where the note is.” Buckland was already running into the house. Travis and Sam had to sprint to catch up with Buckland. “I was awake all night long, why didn’t I see anything?” Buckland yelled as he ran down the stairs that led to the secret room. Buckland saw the note first, and then the cloth that lay discarded on the dirt floor. “That explains why we didn’t hear anything. Who ever did this drugged her.” Buckland paused as he prayed for Tesa’s safety. He read the note out loud. “Her time has come. She has caused too much pain. We thought about giving her time to see if she would change her ways, but then decided against it. We knew she would never change. You’ll find her body when the time is right. When the light is renewed.” Buckland glanced around the room. “What the hell does that mean?” Buckland knew that if anything happened to Tesa he would never forgive himself. So it made him really mad that he didn’t understand the note that was left. Buckland began curse loudly.

            “Sheriff you might want to look at this.” Sam yelled from the far wall. Buckland walked over and noticed right way that there was a crack in the wall. It wasn’t actually a crack but it was another secret door. Sam pushed it open the rest of the way. They noticed drag marks in the dirt.

            “Sam you fallow that, see where it comes out and if there is any evidence along the way. Travis and I’ll meet you out front.” With that Sam disappeared down the dark corridor.

            Travis and Buckland started to walk out of the room when Buckland’s thoughts took over. How could I have not heard anything? I was outside all night long. I was awake all night. How could this happen right under my nose? Why didn’t I notice anything? How could this happen? Don’t worry Tesa, I’ll find you. I won’t let anyone hurt you. But then I guess my word doesn’t mean that much. I promised you I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you! But now someone has taken you. Maybe I should have been in that house. I shouldn’t have been outside, it is my duty to watch over her and I failed! Biggest thing in my life and I failed.

            Travis took a quick glance at Buckland and knew right away what was going on his head. “Sheriff, I know this is hard to hear, but things happen for a reason. There is some reason why Tesa was taken from us. So try not to beat yourself up to bad. I know that’s hard because I am trying the same thing and it’s not easy. But we have to try for Tesa.” Travis didn’t get a response from Buckland. All Travis heard was a sigh. Why can’t I fallow what I just told Buckland? My insides are going to black and blue by the end of this. I was here in the house and didn’t hear a thing.  If only I had heard something we wouldn’t be in this mess. Travis thought as they emerged into the kitchen. Sunlight filled the room; Travis smiled thinking that Tesa would have loved the light in the room. Travis also thought that it was a sign that they would get her back in one piece.

            Travis and Buckland ran from the house when they heard a car come to a screeching stop in front of the house. Buckland flung open the front door as Ryan jumped from his rental car. Travis saw a look on Ryan’s face that scared him even more than he already was. He had a feeling that Ryan knew what was going on before anyone said anything to him. “Where is Tesa? Please tell me that she is okay! Please God! Buckland please tell me what is going on! I know its something. Where is she?” No one responded to Ryan. They just looked at him; they were all shocked by Ryan’s outburst. No one had even seen him act like that. “Quit staring at me and tell me what has happened to Tesa!” Ryan screamed at the top of his lungs. Travis could tell that Ryan was taking this hard. He really cares about Tesa. That is what Tesa needs! Someone needs to be there for her and only her. Almost everyone in her life has a secret agenda when it comes to friendship with Tesa. Travis thought as Buckland moved closer to Ryan.

            “Ryan, someone came into the house and took her last night. Turns out the secret room has another secret in it. Sam is checking the walk way out of it right now. Don’t worry Ryan, we’ll find her. So calm down and please tell me what you are doing here.” Buckland tried to remain calm. He didn’t want Ryan to become any more restless then he already was.

            “Last night at about eight I got a message. Hold on and I’ll play it for you.” Ryan reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. After a few seconds Ryan was playing the message that was left. “I am so sorry that I am going to be running your night. But you really should go back to Pleasant. Life there is going to change. Your dearest little Tesa has gone missing so please hurry back. She needs you to save her. I hope I didn’t ruin your night to bad.” The voice one the message was clearly distorted. There was no way to tell if it was male or female.  Even as Ryan listened to the message again he wanted to believe it was just a nightmare. But Buckland was there, and Tesa was gone. Ryan thought about his life without Tesa. He knew that he couldn’t go back to that life. He needed Tesa as much as Tesa needed him. When they got Tesa back he would make sure they were always together. He vowed that to himself right there standing in front of Tesa’s dream house.

            “Wait, when you got that message why didn’t you call to see if it was true? And why didn’t you answer your phone when this person called?” As Buckland spoke he felt the anger build up inside him. If only Ryan would have called we wouldn’t be standing here worrying about Tesa. I can’t believe this I am treating Ryan like a suspect! He wouldn’t do anything to harm Tesa. He really cares about her! This is getting to everyone. This is going to leave a mark on this community. I believe this is changing everything so much. Right now, we need to keep our mind on finding Tesa.  Buckland was thrown back into reality with the sound of Ryan’s voice.

            “I didn’t answer because I was in a meeting with my editor. I always turn off my phone when I am with him. And I didn’t call you guys because I freaked out. Then when Tesa didn’t call by ten o’clock, I really began to get worried. I jumped on the first plane. I didn’t think about anything but getting back here. I should have called, I could have stopped this! Why didn’t I call? How could I have been so stupid?” Ryan punched the siding of the house; blood ran down covering his fingers. Ryan’s eyes stared at the blood. He was hoping that his was the only blood what was being spilt. When they found Tesa he didn’t want to find one mark on her. He wanted her to be in perfect condition. Ryan flinched as Travis put a rag over Ryan’s hand. Ryan looked at Travis trying to say thank you with his eyes. He didn’t trust himself to speak. His whole body was shaking. He was afraid that when he spoke he would start to cry, so Ryan remained silent.

            “Ryan, you were only thinking of Tesa. Don’t do this to yourself. It won’t fix anything. We need to stay strong for Tesa. When we find her and bring her home she is going to need a lot of support! Travis, please take Ryan in and clean up his hand. Also try to force some food into him.” Buckland didn’t want Ryan to beat himself up. He didn’t need everyone feeling like they are responsible for what happened.

            Ryan fallowed Travis into the kitchen, “So you are Travis, I have heard a lot about you.” Ryan tried to smile but he knew that it wouldn’t come across his face. He also knew that even though he was trying to not think about Tesa’s safety, it would always be in the back of his mind, no matter what he did.

            “Right back at you Ryan, the Sheriff is right don’t beat yourself up. Once we get her back than you can beat your self up. If anyone has the right to lose it, that would be me. Because I was the one that was in this house and didn’t hear anything. Sheriff Buckland wants to beat himself up to. He was outside and didn’t see anything. So why don’t we start by cleaning up your wound? Then we’ll get some food into your system, and then we’ll start trying to find our Tesa.” Travis was glad to see the worry in Ryan’s eyes. Even though he wished that they weren’t in this situation. But that worry that was shining through, was letting Travis know that Ryan really did care about Tesa.

            Outside Sam was telling Sheriff Buckland what he found in the walkway.  “There are drag marks through the whole corridor. When I got to the opening I found a little bit of blood and tire tracks. The opening of the walkway is at the back of the house. You can only open the doorway from the inside. So whoever took Tesa opened up the back way so that they could slip in and out of the house without being noticed? Whose car is that?”

            “Ryan’s, he came back early because he got a message from someone about them taking Tesa. His story is kind of sketchy. But I really don’t think that Ryan is involved with all of this.  He cares about Tesa to much. It has to be someone from this town. A big part of me is really starting to believe that Annie didn’t do this. I still can’t think of anyone that would be capable of this.”