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This is a page dedicated to my first published book! "A Whirl in the Darkness" took me about two years to write. But in between that time I had a very big writers block and couldn't write for awhile. But once I got over the writers block every spare minute that I had was spent writing the rest of the novel. So I am very pleased with the out come of my hard work.

A Whirl in the Darkness is about a young lady who gets a house from a family member, and when she gets to the house she realizes that everything isnt going to go like she wants it to. There is something in the house that doesn't want her there. So Please pick up this book and you wont regret it!


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Robert Watt-

I found A Whirl in the Darkness to be an intriguing horror story. In fact, I give it a five star review!!! It is very well written and the words just seen to flow by as the story intensifies. I found it to be a very good yarn. Zana M. DiBartolomeo has a gift that lets her carry her readers in an opposite way that they think the story will be going. A five star read and event.



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Author: Zana Dibartolomeo
            A Whirl in the Darkness was an enjoyable mystery. The author made the characters believable and distinctive from each other. It wasn’t until the middle of the book that I had figured who the villains were. I did like the history from the past I would have liked more of an explanation to understand the details of the family. The setting of the house was great as being on the cliff of the sea. The author’s description of the layout of the property was wonderful I could almost smell the sea air. A Whirl in the Darkness is a 4**** event for me and an escapable, love story with maybe some haunting twist.
Reviewer: Julia Johnson

AUTHOR: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Zana  M DiBartolomeo                

    The home had been in the family for over 300 years, and after the death of her great Aunt, it was Debbie’s turn to reside in its splendor, but Debbie Greggor, despite the properties magnificent beauty, wasn’t thrilled with the idea. From the start, Steve, a somewhat entertaining handyman who was one of her aunt’s employees, had caught Debbie’s eye, and she was curious about the close relationship he’d shared with her aunt. Steve felt that something was amiss about the way her aunt had died, fearing she’d been murdered, but why, and by whom? It was quite a shock when Steve was arrested for murder. Debbie posted the large bond to get him out of jail, and it appeared someone had set him up. There were forces against Debbie being in that home; doing everything they could to prevent her from keeping it, but would they win? You’ll have to read, “A Whirl In The Darkness,” to find out.

   This is a wonderful story of heritage, faith and love. The Author did a fantastic job with this story. It was a very enjoyable read. 

Reviewer: Tabitha

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