About Zana DiBartolomeo


About Zana DiBartolomeo

A Whirl in the Darkness

Deadly Passion



Zana M DiBartolomeo is the author of "A Whirl in the Darkness", she is also the mother of three kids. She is also married to her best friend. When Zana was a small child her granny got her into writing, and since then Zana likes to sit down and write a little bit every day. Granted some days she can't write at all, but that she what she does with having three small kids! Zana and her family live on the Oregon Coast. Zana has never lived out of the state, and never wants to. Zana enjoys spending time with her kids and her husband. She loves reading as much as she loves writing. On her spare time she is either writing or reading and watching TV while doing the other!