Melbourne Graffiti Old-School Masters of the Dark Spray-can Arts: Melbourne Spray-can Artists "ZAM", "G.S.38", & "DSKYZ":

ZAM + G.S.38 1989

ZAM + DSKYZ 1989

 Notes:       Three of the Original Kings of Australian Spray-can Art: 

ZAM : S.A.C.- #1 (the Munificent and Original Masterful King of all Crawling Chaos and Dark Magickal Wizardry) / 

G.S. 38 - the Grand Sorcerer 38 (the Grand King of Sorcerery and De-retro Dissemination of Information) / 

DSK -Dskyz [Dskiz (Disguise)/ Dskyzer -previously known as Astro]
(the King of Style Subversion De-sublimation);
                    1st ZAM piece "ZAMAZATHOTH" is in honour of the Great Cthulhuoidian Deity 'Azathoth'; and contains the anti-clockwise eternally rotating triangular symbol of the ZAM himself, created and birthed by the ZAM; 1st use of Old English lettering style; Utilises a 3-D style not seen until later in Europe;

                    2nd ZAM piece "ZAM" contains the ethereal-summoning Red Octagonal Prism Crystal (or Hexagonal Prism, created by ZAM, not counting the 2 front projections as further sides); Utilises the ZAM rolling wildstyle inspired by rolling train wheels; With a special thank you to the 'City of Melbourne' and 'Metro Trains Melbourne.' for their acknowledgement of the piece via the incorporation of elements into their own Business Logos, circa. 2010.

                    An international company commissioned the works asking the Melbourne City Council for, quote: "the best writers", unquote; Poster-sized prints of these works were sent overseas, including Los Angeles and New York, U.S.A., for exhibition in 1990; ZAM did one piece and the suits liked it so much they asked him to do another, that's why ZAM has two.

The original massive wall-sized canvasses were exhibited in the Meat Market Gallery, Melbourne in 1989;

The GS38 piece was his last comeback, which occurred in 1989, and his final piece;

ZAM and Dskyz would also soon go into semi-retirement, by the end of 1990.     

The Dskyz continues to be disguised, whilst the ZAM continues to exude excellence as his mantle of M.S.A......

N.B.            All talk of 'Royalty' aside, these works were widely regarded to be paramount amongst the best pieces in the southern hemisphere completed up to this time (including the master pieces by JME and Panik). They spurred other Australian artists to new levels and showcased Australian ability across the entire planet, and as such, remain forever a significant turning point in the history of Australian spray-can art. 
-- Jack H. Smith, Melbourne, Australia 2008. 

Episodic Chapter of the 1st Order:

Special Introduction by ZAM: 

"As a friend once explained to me": "...In the begining, Amita-bha-Buddha, The Goddess of Infinite Light, commanded- "Let there be light!", and thus came forth the blinding light of the diamond thunder-bolt, ZAM!
The 1st Avatar.
 From Amida's eyes-that-see-all, a tear wept. Thus begot sad, and with globulated tears of streaming liquid manna airborne, forming the vehicle of the human-kinds' transgressions to spurt forth the destructive urge......,
-the need to bomb, to burn, to set it on fire......
......and to destroy all lines!"  

"No we're not some sleeper-cell, I'm talkin' 'bout Graf, Baby! To Get Up & Go All City." Z.2008.

Site Author, Jack H. Smith, continues: "Some consider ZAM as one of the pioneers of graffiti art, one of the originators of Australian aerosol art; dating back to 1981......however his previous lack of self-promotion and anti-clique attitude towards other fame-whores has allowed many to become ignorant of his own existence, even to the point of now Mr. ZAM reserving the right to be himself a blatant fame-whore ready to slut it out with the best of the self promo-hoes*. Saying this however, ZAM himself states that one must keep an open mind with an objective perspective,  and ZAM himself considers the original New York City writers, with an example such as the crew T.P.A., as the true trailblazers, and in his opinion Australia was 10 years behind them, and it was always going to be for them playing a game of catch-up. Despite this, many Australian writers did in fact make up for lost time extremely quickly, and in ZAM's view we (a select few) had caught up to them by the time he semi-retired in 1990, with such amazing talents of the so many different and varied writers from all across Australia- and, with apologies, far too many to name here. 

Special mention is made to the original Australian writers, examples being G.S.38, Dskyz (Astro) & Prime (RIP) The Future Four (Three) crew in inner Melbourne; ZAM (Z~K. Q), with the company of P~N. & the U.H.K. crew in Geelong/Melbourne; and Battle Boots & KAB with the K.G.B. crew in Mt. Gambier/Adelaide; (not to mention the writers from Sydney, and their inclusion in the 1987 book 'Spraycan Art' [Melbourne was ignorantly overlooked/omitted]) - all appearing at about the same time with serendipity spontaneously without knowledge of each other, all before the publication of the infamous book 'Subway Art'.   

Artist ZAM and Mr. Smith would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many talented graffiti artists, of the past and present, from right across this great southern land of Australia. Your efforts, belief and dedication to our art-form is a credit to us all. For all our combined works in conjunction have in effect enriched and benefited us all and our reputation internationally. Just ask the National Trust of Australia!"
- J. S., September 2008.
- *(Amended July 2009)
- *(Amended Jan. 2011)

"...A King of the Vandals, Visigoths, and of the Huns!" Z.2018

      See ZAM's wikipedia page entry: 

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 Any works that possibly may have been done without such consents, have been authored so by persons unknown to the site creators. 

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