The King's Ravens

Or, JS&MN Misc.

A handful of miscellaneous documents pertaining to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. For general reference for the novel, I would recommend the wiki Library at Hurtfew.

If you're looking for music I have composed for `The Ballad of the Raven King', go here.


JS&MN Lists
- A Google Doc (spreadsheet) listing all characters who ever appear; spells, books of magic (and books about magic) and other stories, theories, etc. relating to magic; places in London and Venice mentioned in the story; the page numbers of illustrations with captions adapted from the text; and a brief summary of each of the footnotes. It is, in short, an exceedingly long document and not interesting in itself, but very useful if you need to find that part that explained about Folflures, or design a tour of Venice to see what Strange saw while he was there (I must confess to an indiscriminate listing of all places mentioned, without actual knowledge of whether or not they do exist).

Page numbers mentioned refer to the US hardbound edition (ISBN 1-58234-416-7); the UK hardbound may be the same. Several subjects also include page numbers for one of the US paperback versions (there seem to be at least two; I am using ISBN 1-58234-603-8). For these two versions, 1 hardback page equals approximately 1.08 paperback pages.

Last updated: 1 October, 2014. Updates include:
  • Subsequent paperback page numbers given for Characters
  • Significance of Vauxhaul-Gardens added
  • Some typo corrections of page numbers
Previously updated: 12 January, 2012. Updates include:
  • Paperback page numbers given for Books, London Places, and initial appearances of all Characters
  • Significance of London Places explained
  • Some typos of names and page numbers corrected

Do note that this document is, in many aspects, still a work in progress.

Timeline - This actually links to the head timeline page at the Library of Hurtfew, which was built primarily from the (rather cumbersome) timeline I had formerly constructed.

Obviously, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell belongs to Susanna Clarke and I'm not making any money off of this, just messing about in the sandbox (and it's such a lovely sandbox, too).

On Ancient Fairies - From the papers of an early 18th century magio-historian, an account of fairies as they were perceived by the Ancient Romans. About 3800 words. At least for now, this is the only piece of fanfiction you will find on this site. The work also exists in HTML in no fewer than three separate places around the internet, but this PDF version handles the footnotes much more nicely than any of the others.