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Welcome to my google page.

I am a PhD candidate working at the EconomiX research unit, Paris-X Nanterre University.

My dissertation topics deal with fluctuations in emerging economies, specifically those labour-exporting countries in the Middle-East & North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, etc.)
I am interested in documenting their stylised facts, and comparing them to the literature on emerging economies. The purpose of my research is to formulate a theoretical framework that can account for those stylised facts, and I focus on predictions for monetary and fiscal policies. I also work on foreign trade, fiscal devaluation and the impact of imperfect institutions and deficient governance on fluctuations and the labour market.

I use Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models (DSGE) to formulate a neo-Keynesian model for estimation and shock decomposition, to further the analysis in the previous points.

My research supervisor is Pr. Jean-Pierre Allegret at EconomiX (Paris-X Nanterre University)

I am also interested in election data in the region, as well as applications of cooperative game theory in explaining how ruling coalitions form and endure.

For any additional information, please drop me an email at: zouhair[dot]aitbenhamou[at]gmail[dot]com