RMS Updates 

Updates for Raid Managment 

Update 3/27/2007 

 As posted on the immo forums concerning a bug with a person getting multiple rpp if he loots 2 or more items in a raid, a fix was done but hasn't been added to the main package yet expect it by this week.  Theres no rush since once the new file is uploaded onto your site it will retroactively fix rpp when the next new raid is added.

Update 2/22/2007

 A bug was found with the changes that affected the IRPP adjustment tool.  Expect to see fixes for it later this evening.  To fix old IRPP adjustments that broke use this file  IRPP_bug_user_fix.php and place it in your root phpBB directory along with the other rpp files.  Simply change the raid_id variable to the raid_id of the irpp adjustment you need to fix. Then open that file in your browser to correct that one raid. Rinse repeat for the others.  The correct file is rpp_admin_utils.php .  I'll update the full package later this evening.

Update 2/6/2007:

 Fixed the problem with new items that are socketed.  They should now correctly display, you will have to go through and update any old items that have been added to correct.  You can update just the 1 file rpp_admin_functions.php or you can get the current full file set here.  Please note that the full set has the rpp cap added to it and also requires the data base changes listed here (RMS RPP Caps).

Update 2/2/2007:

 Added a page to show you how to add zone rpp caps to your rms site.  Can view the page here.

Update 2/1/2007:

 Added a page to outline the steps on how to wipe the rms database of all rpp/irpp values but keep the loot table in tact. Can view the page here.

Update 1/12/2007: 

    There is a bug with ct_raidtracker 1.3.3/1.3.4 see this thread <eqdkp.com link>  the fix is also         outlined below.  Not exactly RMS related but note worthy.

    There was a bug with http://wow.allakhazam.com with some items appearing with ???? but it has     been fixed if you have any items with this can update them to fix it.

Following guide for updating RMS for TBC and other additions. 

Since development seems to have stopped on RMS from the orginal creators ( immortalityguild.com ) I am going to post some updates and such to bring some of code up to date.

You can see the changes that I am doing here http://www.machus.net/phpBB2/rpp_members.php. This is often code under development so it will probably be weird at times.  It has support for shaman/paladins and the updated tooltips as well displays 9 classes and an added column to even things out.

Shaman (Alliance) Paladin (Horde) Class Support

Upload this add_class_paladin.php or add_class_shaman.php depending on your faction to the base phpBB directory (rpp_common.php etc..). Open this page in your browser just once then you can delete the file.  You can now add shaman/paladin players.  Please note that the standings page (rpp_members.php) display of the 8 classes will need to be updated to handle the 9 classes.  Update for this should follow soon. This file is for a fix for the add_class_shaman.php if you ran the old version you would have 2 paladin classes woop.s

New item adding (mouse over display bug)

http://wow.allakhazam.com Updated their xml that rms uses to get the item properties when the item is new or you chose to update them.  This is a simple fix, for the time being I dont have a quick file you can just upload this will require manual file editing.  Open the file called rpp_admin_functions.php loacted in the ./rms/includes directory.  Goto the line:

    $start = strpos($details, '<div class="wowitem">');

and change it to

        $start = strpos($details, '<div class="wowitem wowitemlive">');

You can now go through and update old items to correct the display bug.

 Update standings page to show 9 classes on top of page

In your template directory find rpp_members_body.tpl

On line about 38 there should be:

        <th><a href=”rpp_class.php?class={CLASS8}”>{CLASS8}</a></th>

 Repeat this line and just change class8 to class9 so you get:

        <th><a href="rpp_class.php?class={CLASS8}">{CLASS8}</a></th>

        <th><a href="rpp_class.php?class={CLASS9}">{CLASS9}</a></th>

 Do the same thing for line 48 so you get

        <td class="row1" valign="top">{CLASS8_MEMBERS}</td>

         <td class="row1" valign="top">{CLASS9_MEMBERS}</td>


Now on line 50 I think it is should be

        <td class="row3" height="8" colspan="8"></td>

Change the 8 to 9 so you get

        <td class="row3" height="8" colspan="9"></td>

Year support 

This is basic enough just find all files that have 2008 in the and change the year to 2009 and you now have the option for year 2008 when adding raids and what not.  I'll add a list of files to update later. 


For future stuff I will do as many bug fixes that I can find from the immo rms forums that didn't make it into the current package that can be downladed.

Expect to see support for the token system for easy drop down and compare for the tiers as I encounter them.

For the ingame addon our guild only used the bid  system and none of the other features but it is wow 2.0 capable for the most part and I'll host the updated version for download, unless I find someone else that went through the trouble and got it all working.

If you want to leave feedback you can visit http://www.machus.net/smf/ or post in the immortalityguild.com forums.