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Kerala is my sweet homeland. It is a land of vivid, vibrant colors and breathtaking surprises. This tiny evergreen State on the south west corner of India, is sandwiched between the Lakshadweep Sea and the Western Ghats.

People & Culture

Kerala also has considerable ethnic diversity. The Malayali majority belong to the Dravidian group (local race) of early Indian peoples. The official language is Malayalam. A long contact with the outside world has led to an intriguing blend of cultures and given Keralites a cosmopolitan outlook
One aspect of the state's rich cultural heritage is manifest in its varieties of religious architecture: ancient Hindu temples with copper-clad roofs, later Islamic mosques with "Malabar gables," and colonial Portuguese Baroque churches. Splendid paintings, especially murals, exhibit distinct local traditions and styles. The land is a flourishing center of the Kathakali dance form. Its having a population around 35 million.

Occupation in Kerala

Agriculture is the state's main economic activity. Plantations of cardamom, cashew nut, coconuts, coffee, ginger, pepper, rubber, and tea account for 40 percent of the total land. Commercial poultry farming is well developed. Cottage industries--for example, the processing of coconut fibre and cashews or weaving--employ about three-fifths of Kerala's industrial workers. Most of those employed by larger industrial enterprises are engaged in food and textile processing. There are nearly 3 million people (i.e. about 10 % of the total population) from the State working in the Foreign countries and earning valuable foreign exchange for the Country.

Climate in Kerala

The climate is equable and varies little from season to season. The temperature normally ranges between 27º and 32º C in the plains but drops to about 21º C in the highlands. Winter - 32 to 20 º C. Kerala is strongly buffeted by both the southwest and northeast monsoons. Rainfall in many parts of the state exceeds 118 inches. Best season: October to March.

Beaches, Backwaters & Rivers

The State is blessed with beautiful beaches and serene back waters, which are the most important tourist attraction of kerala. The state has about 550 km. long coastline, studded with world's best string of beaches.

Along the coastel plains is a vast network of lagoons, lakes, rivers and canals, which provide excellent facilities of inland navigation. The journey through these charming backwaters is an unforgettable experience.
Major attractions are:
Kovalam beach : This internationally renowned beach resort of Kerela has been a favorite haunt of tourists since the 1930s. Kovalam consists of three adjacent crescent beaches. The southernmost , known as the Lighthouse beach, is the most popular, Kovalam offers accommodation options to suit all the budgets.

Alappuzha: This Kerala Backwater destination is also known as the "Venice of the East," because of its surrounding waterways and canals. Alappuzha, previously known as Alleppey, is famous for the annual Nehru Trophy Snake Boat race held here every year, around the festival of Onam. Large Snake boats called" Chundanvalloms" propelled by teams of rowers compete for the trophy instituted by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minster of India.

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