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On this page you can find my resume which goes over my work experience, research I've done and my other accomplishments.








Academic Achievements



·        Anticipate successful completion of 576+ hours in the Marine Biology Research Program at the New York Harbor School, NY, NY 10004, and earning an advanced regents diploma by June 2016

·        New York City Science and Engineering Fair Certifications- Finalist : 3rd place in category of “Earth and Environmental Sciences”

·        Anticipate CTE certification for MBRP (Marine Biology Research Program) & certification for CFM (Career and Financial Management)

·        Completed the “Evaluation of Mass & Individually Spawned Crassostrea Virginica for Growth & Survival Rate in the NYC Harbor Project” in association with another MBRP student and Cornell University





·        Project/Research Management

·        Science Lab Protocols

·        Field Sampling Protocols

·        Instrumentation Techniques

·        Data Acquisition & Management

·        Information Technology & Statistics


Real-World Applications













Work Force



Skills Mastered:

  • Independent Research in Oyster Genetics in collaboration with Cornell University
  • Leadership of 20 Citizen Science Volunteers for an CIVITAS Funded Project
  • Time Management with Chronograms
  • Technical Reading of Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  • Active Note-Taking (i.e. Cornell Style)
  • Technical Writing of Scientific Research Papers
  • Use and Maintenance of Professional-Grade Water & Biological Sampling Instrumentation
  • Field Sampling Techniques of Marine Biodiversity
  • Data Management Techniques (i.e. Precision, Bias, Representativeness, etc.)
  • Data Processing Techniques (i.e. Graphing)
  • Communication and Networking with Professional Scientists and Mentors
  • Use of Standards for Instrumentation Calibration
  • Use of OneNote to keep an organized set of digital notebooks
  • Use of Microsoft Excel to organize invoices, company inventory, competition tariffs, etc.


  • Microsoft Office (Specifically Microsoft Excel)
  • IDEXX Enterolert & Winkler Method
  • Beta Bottles
  • Quadrat Sampling
  • Micropipettes
  • Microscopes/Stereoscopes
  • YSI Handheld Water Quality Instruments
  • YSI Photometer


Workplace Experience




·        Over 442 hours dedicated to Marine Biology Research Program 2013-2015

·        147 hours dedicated to Work-Based Learning for the MBRP (Internship)

·        Over 100 hours dedicated to Marine Systems Technology (boat building)2012-2014 (Extra-Curricular)

·        Director of Operations for Harbor Seals (Team of Citizen Scientists who have worked in collaboration with the EPA and are now working with CIVITAS in the hopes to rebuild the East-River Esplanade

·        Harbor Seals Team Captain (Managed 1 of the 4 teams)

·        Currently working on a “Oyster Restoration” in collaboration with Cornell University project for the BOP (Billion Oyster Project)




·        1st Place in School Symposium for project “Oyster Restoration Genetics” in collaboration with Cornell University

·        2 College Credits through SUNY Albany in Intermediate Research Methods

·        Completed 8 week internship with PANYNJ (Port Authority of New York & New Jersey – in 4 World Trade Center: Port Commerce Department)









                              Professional References


Sam Janis: Manager of the BOP – sjanis@nyharbor.org


Mauricio Gonzalez: Teacher of the Marine Biology Research Program – mgonzalez@nyharborschool.org


Pete Malinowski: Used to teach the Aquaculture CTE course, worked with oysters and guided my project(s). Now also works in the BOP – pmalinowski@nyharbor.org


Robin Bramwell-Stewart: Manager of Business Planning (Port Commerce Department) at PANYNJ (4 World Trade Center Offices- 17th floor) Boss/Mentor for the duration of PANYNJ Port Commerce Department internship – rbstewart@panynj.gov


Maura Smotrich: CIVITAS representative that works in collaboration with the Harbor Seals - Maura@civitasnyc.org





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