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Khandaker M. Zahid
Asset Development Geologist
Chevron North America Exploration and Production
Houston, TX USA
Email: zahidkm(at)gmail.com 


Ph. D.- University of South Carolina, 2010

M.S.- Auburn University, 2005
B.S.- University of Dhaka, 2000

I am a sedimentary geologist who uses sediment provenance and composition data to constrain the kinematic history of orogenic mountain belts and their associated basins. My current research involves characterization and capacity estimation of large underground reservoirs for establishing shallow monitoring networks in geological long-term storage of carbon dioxide in brine and EOR fields.

My primary research interests lie mainly in conventional and innovative provenance techniques applied to syn- and post-orogenic sediments, which I use to understand tectonic connections between exhumational unroofing and depositional settings. I mostly use minerological and geochemical signatures of sediments with emphasis on modal analysis of sandstone, semi-quantitative analysis of heavy minerals, whole rock geochemistry for rare earth elements and selected isotopic work (U-Pb Detrital zircon and Sm-Nd) for generating my data and interpreting them in the context of basin tectonic history.

I am also interested in subsurface modeling and characterization of geological formations for effective monitoring, verification and accounting of injected large volume anthropogenic and natural CO2 into the ground. I construct static and dynamic models for reservoir engineers and geoscientists for the benefit of predictive modeling and history matching of injected CO2 plume and its possible leakage to in-zone and above-zone aquifers.     

My degrees are from the University of South Carolina (Ph. D), Auburn University (M.S.) and The University of Dhaka- Bangladesh (B.S.). My trainings are from Houston Oil Corporations, Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran, KSA.

Outside geology, I like to travel and spend a lot of time doing photography.