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Below are most of the gaming companies I have had really positive experiences or dealings with. 

Oone Games:  These guys know how to do some excellent mapwork.

Basic Fantasy:  A free RPG largely compatible and stylistically similiar to the Basic/Expert D&D sets, with some rule changes.

Brave Halfling Publishing:  Publisher of gaming material compatible with older editions of D&D and Castles & Crusades.

Burning Wheel:  Enough fiddly bits and things to think about to keep anyone busy for a long, long time.

Cumberland Games:  The online home of S. John Ross, awesome creator of Encounter Critical and Risus.

Dark Matter Studios
:  The guys behind the Epic RPG.

Evil Hat:  Makers of several RPGs and the free FATE system.

Expeditious Retreat Press
:  XRP has producted some of my favorite RPG supplements, to include their award-winning Magical Society line.

Far Future Enterprises:  Your place to get all the Traveller RPG reprints and CD-ROMs you could ever want.

Fat Dragon Games:  Makers of amazing card stock miniatures, scenery, and terrain.

Fight On!:  An RPG magazine focused in a broad sense on old-school gaming and games.  Their list of contributors is superb.

Flying Mice
:  One of my favorite RPG publishers.  They've done Cold Space, In Harm's Way, and IHW: Dragons, among others.

Gamescience:  The best dice on earth.  Link is to a store that sells them (as does Noble Knight).

Gaming Paper:  The sleeper hit of 2009's Gen Con!

Goblinoid Games
:  Makers of Labyrinth Lord, a free RPG that is very, very close to a clone of the old D&D Moldvay Edition.

Goodman Games:  Makers of Dungeon Crawl Classics and Xcrawl, as well as a small Castles & Crusades line.

:  Known for games about squirrels, Roma Imperious, and Nebuleon.  They do good work.

Iron Crown Enterprises:  Makers of Rolemaster, HARP, and Spacemaster.

Judges Guild:  Maker of so, so many memorable old gaming products.  Partnered with Necromancer Games.

Kenzer & Company:  Makers of Hackmaster, Aces & Eights, and home to Knights of the Dinner Table.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Crazy,  metal, old school products.

The Miniature Building Authority:  I'll take "awesome stuff I can't afford" for $200, Alex.

Mythmere Games:  Old-school publisher of Swords & Wizardry (oe D&D simulacrum game).

Paizo:  Makers of the Pathfinder RPG, as well as the excellent GameMastery line.

Palladium Books:  Makers of Rifts and Palladium Fantasy, among other RPGs.

Pied Piper Publishing
:  Greyhawk's Robilar (Rob Kuntz, original member of the Gygax Lake Geneva Campaign) produces several old-school works.

Precis Intermedia
:  Home of the amazingly useful Disposable Heroes line, and RPGs Coyote Trail, Iron Gauntlets, and Two-Fisted Tales.

Rogue Games:  The Rogues make one of my favorite Space/Sci-Fi RPGs, Thousand Suns, and the tremendous Colonial Gothic.

Tabletop Adventures
:  They advertise products that are "help for the harried GM".  Are they ever.

Troll Lord Games
:  The last company Uncle Gary worked with, publishers of Castles & Crusades and what we have of Castle Zagyg.

Zeitgeist Games:  Publishers of Dave Arneson's Blackmoor.

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