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Stores & Products

G-Squared Collectibles & Hobbies:  Online vendor out of Columbus, Ohio with which I've had really positive consumer experiences.

Gamestation:  Claims to be the largest dice store on the web.  Gamescience dice are available here.

Noble Knight:  A fantastic online store for finding out-of-print or hard-to-find gaming material.

Oone Games:  These people do wonderful map products.  Seriously useful products here.

RPGNow: The biggest PDF product online RPG store out there.  I'm an affiliate, so if you buy something, follow through this link, so I get credit for it.

YourGamesNow:  A gaming pdf retailer and co-op where I get a lot of my GM-resource and pdf-only products.

Gaming Blogs of Note

Back in the day, I used to run www.rpgblog.org (now defunct).  At the time, it was one of the largest gaming blogs out there.  I know run the much more modest www.rpgblog2.com, and am a proud member of the RPG Bloggers Network.  There are a number of gaming blogs out there writing some tremendously useful and interesting bits about gaming.  Below are just a few of the ones I've enjoyed:

Bat in the Attic

The Bone Scroll

Campaign Mastery

Chgowiz's Old Guy RPG Blog


The Grognard's Lawn

The Grumblin' Grognard

I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow

Jeff's Gameblog

Lair of the Evil DM

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Monsters & Manuals

Musings of the Chatty DM

RPG Centric

Sham's Grog n' Blog

Spirits of Eden

Stargazer's World

The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope

The Core Mechanic

The Free RPG Blog

The Gamer Dome

The RPG Corner

Tankards & Broadswords

Troll and Flame

Whitehall ParaIndustries

General Gaming
(more links to come)

Farland World Mass Combat System
:  Easy, flexible, fun system for d20 Mass Combat.

Flames Rising:  A great horror and dark fantasy gaming site.

The Grand OGL Wiki
:  An effort to collect and host as much material as possible from Open Gaming License sources.

Pathfinder Reference Document
Picking up where the 3.5 online SRD left offAwesome Pathfinder RPG resource.

A repository for old gaming material, maps, and props.

Random Generator List:  List of generators for gaming.

Message Boards

(Our campaign message board is located here)

Canonfire Forums:  Forums for the greatest classical D&D setting, the World of Greyhawk!  Axes High!

Citizens of the Imperium:  A message board celebrating various iterations of the legendary Traveller RPG.

Dragonsfoot:  A home for 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and related discussion.

Knights n' Knaves Alehouse:  A rather passionate board for old-style RPGs and gaming.

Original D&D Discussion:  A place to discuss D&D from its 1974 roots.

RPG Haven:  A smaller, cozy RPG forum.

Swords & Wizardry Forums:  For the Swords & Wizardry RPG and more classic, related versions of D&D.

theRPGsite:  The Mos Eisley of RPG Message Boards.

Troll Lord Forums:  The message boards for the publishers of the Castles & Crusades RPG.


Radio Rivendell
:  Radio Rivendell is 24/7 streaming music perfect for fantasy RPGs and those who just like a nice mix of game-appropriate, ambient, soundtrack, and much more.  Click on it and give it a whirl.

Music Genome Project:  Try and build a playlist to fit your gaming!


Coming Soon!


Classic Traveller Character Generator (Signal GK)

Classic Traveller Subsector Generator (Signal GK)

Risus Traveller


Coming Soon!