House & Table Rules


With our using Rolemaster Classic as our system, a huge number of Rolemaster 2nd edition books are now available to us to mine for material.  The below list gives both the old and new books from which material may be pulled.

Rolemaster Classic

Character Law
Spell Law
Arms Law
Creatures & Treasures
Combat Companion
Express Additions PDFs

Rolemaster 2nd Edition

Rolemaster Companion I
Rolemaster Companion II
Rolemaster Companion III
Rolemaster Companion IV
Rolemaster Companion V
Rolemaster Companion VI
Rolemaster Companion VII
Creatures & Treasures II
Creatures & Treasures III
Elemental Companion
Spell User's Companion
War Law
Alchemy Companion
Arms Companion
Sea Law

Some ideas or items might also be gleaned from Iron Crown's old MERP line, but those number too many books to list here. In addition, select entries from The Guild Companion will be allowed.

Allowed Rolemaster Classes& Races

Below are a list of allowed Races & Classes for our game, along with where they might be found. Race in italics are likely to not be optimized choices for our game. (RMC=Rolemaster Classic, RM2=Rolemaster 2nd Edition)


Bear Tribes (Humans) (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Common Men (RMC Character Law)
Dark Elves (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Dark Tribes (Humans) (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Dwarves (RMC Character Law)
Fair Elves (RMC Character Law)
Gnomes (RMC Creatures & Treasures, p. 136)
Goblins (RMC Creatures & Treasures, p. 136)
Greater Orcs (RMC Character Law)
Half-Elves (RMC Character Law)
Half-Ogres (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Half-Orcs (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Halflings (RMC Character Law)
High Elves (RMC Character Law)
High Men (RMC Character Law)
Lesser Orcs (RMC Character Law)
Northmen (Humans) (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Stout Halflings (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Tallfellow Halflings (RM2 Companion I, p. 46)
Trolls (RMC Character Law)
Wood Elves (RMC Character Law)


Fighter (RMC Character Law)
Thief (RMC Character Law)
Rogue (RMC Character Law)
Warrior Monk (RMC Character Law)
Archer (Express Additons #12)
Scout (Express Additions #12)
Burglar (RM2 Companion I, p. 43)
Barbarian (RM2 Companion I, p. 43)
Scholar (RM2 Companion II p. 4)
Trader/Merchant (RM2 Companion II p. 4)
Bounty Hunter (RM2 Companion III p. 4)
Assassin (RM2 Companion III p. 5)
Farmer (RM2 Companion III p. 6)
Duelist (RM2 Companion III p. 6) 
Craftsman (RM2 Companion III p. 7)
Cavalier (RM2 Companion III p. 7)
Sailor (RM2 Companion III p. 8)
Leader (RM2 Companion IV p. 7)

Animist (RMC Character Law)
Cleric (RMC Character Law)
Druid (RM2 Companion I, p. 44)
Healer (RMC Character Law)

Alchemist (RMC Character Law)
Conjuror (RM2 Companion II, p. 8)
Illusionist (RMC Character Law)
Magician/Mage (RMC Character Law)
Runemaster (RM2 Companion II, p. 9)
Shaman (RM2 Companion II, p. 9)

Sage/Lore Master (RM2 Companion II, p. 8)


Astrologer (RMC Character Law)
Archmage (RM2 Companion I, p. 43)
Crystal Mage (RM2 Companion III, p. 14)
Mystic (RMC Character Law)
Necromancer (RM2 Companion II, p. 7)
Sorcerer (RMC Character Law)
Warlock (RM2 Companion II, p. 7)

Bard (RMC Character Law)
Beastmaster (Express Additions #12)
Champion (RMC Combat Companion, p.6)
Delver (RM2 Companion I, p. 44)
Elemental Warrior (RMC Combat Companion, p.7)
Monk (RMC Character Law)
Montebanc (RM2 Companion III, p. 12)
Moon Mage (RM2 Companion III, p. 12)
Nightblade (RM2 Companion I, p. 44)
Paladin (RM2 Companion I, p. 41)
Ranger (RMC Character Law)
Sleuth (RM2 Companion III, p. 13)
Venturer (RMC Combat Companion, p.8)

Table Rules

Not a lot of rocket science in here, but here we go:

-The Basics:  Be courteous.   If you can't make it to a session, that stinks, but let someone know as soon as you can.  Stuff happens, we understand.  Part of enjoying a good game and story with friends is continuity.  If you're continually late or tardy, that possibly hurts and interrupts  everyone else's enjoyment.  If you're being disruptive or continually off-topic, uninvolved, or disrespectful of the participation and preparation of the other participants, we'll have to deal with it.

-No Cheating/Fudging Dice Rolls.  This should go without saying.  Roll it where everyone can see it.

-No politics, no religion (no Colts talk, which is a bit of both).  I mean, its ok to be political or religious, but we aren't there to have debates.  As in previous campaigns--check the diatribes at the door.

-We are all here to have fun.  That fun will not come at the expense of anyone else’s fun.  We know we all have limited hours in our week, and many ways to spend them.  Therefore, we are respectful of each other’s time.
-We will try to resolve issues on the most immediate level.  If there is an issue with another player that cannot be immediately resolved or you feel uncomfortable in addressing, let the Game Master know.  Our gaming time is too short to be filled up with simmering feuds.  If there is an issue with the Game Master, we can discuss it post-session or via email, honestly, with no fear of retribution.

-Life happens.  When it does, and you are going to miss the game, please call or email and let the Game Master know as soon as you can.  That way, we can plan accordingly!

-Refreshments and snacks are up to the group—if you want to organize a meal or dining for us at the gaming table, feel free to do so.  Eating should not interfere with the game—no running to pick up Taco Bell halfway through the game, or coming in 40 minutes late because you haven’t eaten.  Be respectful of the group’s time, and do what you need to before you show up.  Be ready to play at the appointed hour!