List of Publications and Datasets

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  1. The Endurance of National Constitutions, with Tom Ginsburg and James Melton.  2009.  Cambridge University Press. | Data (requires registration); Chapter 1 (Introduction)
  2. Designed by Diffusion: Constitutional Reform in Developing Democracies.  Manuscript in preparation.
Refereed Journal Articles  
  1. "Constitute: The world’s constitutions to read, search, and compare," with Tom Ginsburg, James Melton, Robert Shaffer, Juan F. Sequeda, and Daniel P. Miranker. 2014. Journal of Web Semantics 27–28: 10-18."
  2. Beyond Presidentialism and Parliamentarism: On the Hybridization of Constitutional Form," with Jose Cheibub and Tom Ginsburg 2013.  British Journal of Political Science.
  3. "On the Interpretability of Law: Lessons from the Decoding of National Constitutions,"  with Tom Ginsburg, James Melton, and Kalev Leetaru.  2012.   British Journal of Political Science.
  4. “Diffusion and the Constitutionalization of Europe.” 2010. Comparative Political Studies 43: 1-31.
  5. “Does the Process of Constitution-Making Matter,” with Tom Ginsburg.and Justin Blount.  2009.  Annual Review of Law and Social Science. Reprinted in Stefan Voigt (2013), Design of Constitutions, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 
  6. “Can Institutions Build Unity in Multiethnic States?”, with John Sides.  2007.  American Political Science Review 101: 693-708. [Runner-up for the award of best article of 2007 given by the Comparative Democratization Section of APSA.]
  7. “Competing for Capital: The Diffusion of Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1959-2000,” with Beth Simmons and Andrew Guzman.  2006.  International Organization 60(4).  Data and Replication Information.  Reprinted in: (a) Frank Dobbin, Beth Simmons, and Geoff Garrett (eds.) International Diffusion of Political and Economic Liberalization.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; (b) Michael Waibel (ed.) The Backlash against Investment Arbitration; and (c) the Illinois Law Review 2008: 265-304, with data and analysis updated to 2006, a postscript, and commentary by Christoph Engel.
  8. The Globalization of Liberalization: Policy Diffusion in the International Political Economy,” with Beth Simmons.  2004.  American Political Science Review 98: 171-190. | Data
  9. “Are Patriots Bigots?  An Inquiry into the Vices of In-group Pride,” with Rui de Figueiredo.  2003.  American Journal of Political Science 47: 171-188.
  10. "Gradations of Democracy?  Empirical Tests of Alternative Conceptualizations."  2000.  American Journal of Political Science 44: 293-300. | Data
Non-refereed Journal Articles, including those from Law Reviews
  1. "Measuring Partial Membership in Categories: Alternative Tools." Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Newsletter: 12(1).
  2. "The Weight of History and the Rebuilding of Brazilian Democracy." Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política 88: 257-303.
  3. "Comparability and the Analysis of National Constitutions."  2013.  APSA-CP.
  4. When Constitutions Shape National Identity.” 2013. LASA Forum
  5. "Getting to Rights: Treaty Ratification, Constitutional Convergence, and Human Rights Practice,” with Tom Ginsburg and Beth Simmons. Harvard International Law Journal.
  6. "Comment on Law and Versteeg’s ‘The Declining Influence of the U.S. Constitution,'” with Tom Ginsburg and James Melton.   NYU Law Review.
  7. "Lessons from the Decoding and Coding of National Constitutions."  2010.  APSA-CD 9(1).
  8. "On the Evasion of Executive Term Limits," with Tom Ginsburg and James Melton.  2011  William and Mary Law Review 52.
  9. "Latin American Presidentialism in Comparative and Historical Perspective," with Jose Cheibub and Tom Ginsburg.  2011.  University of Texas Law Review 89(7).  
  10. “Ancillary Powers of Constitutional Courts,” with Tom Ginsburg.  2009.  University of Texas Law Review.
  11. “The Citizen as Founder: Public Participation in Constitutional Approval” with Tom Ginsburg and Justin Blount.  2009.  Temple Law Review: 101-121.  [An updated and expanded English version of the Spanish version (below)]
  12. Ciudadano Como Fundador: la Participacion Publica en el Diseno Constitutional,” with Tom Ginsburg and Justin Blount.  2008.  Revista Latinoamericana de Politica Comparada 1: 119-153.  [Inaugural issue of a new journal on comparative politics.]
  13. “Military Occupations and their Constitutional Residue,” with Tom Ginsburg and James Melton.  2008.  APSA-CP 19(2): 7-10.  [APSA-CP is the newsletter of the Comparative Politics section of APSA]
  14. Baghdad, Tokyo, Kabul...: Constitution-making in Occupied States," with Tom Ginsburg and James Melton.  2008.  William and Mary Law Review 49(4): 1139-1178. | Data and appendix (requires registration)
  15. “Commitment and Diffusion: How and Why National Constitutions Incorporate International Law,” with Svitlana Chernykh and Tom Ginsburg.  2008.  Illinois Law Review 201-237.
  16. “On Waves, Clusters, and Diffusion: A Conceptual Framework,” with Beth Simmons.  2005.  Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 598: 33-51.
  17. "Quem Votaria?  As Consequências do Voto Obrigatόrio."  2000.  Opinão Pública 6 (1).  [English title: “Who Would Vote?  The Consequences of Mandatory Voting”]

Chapters in Edited Volumes
  1. "Constitutions and the Management of Elections," with Svitlana Chernykh, James Melton, and Tom Ginsburg. In: Norris, P and Frank, RW and Martinez I Coma, F, (eds.) Advancing Electoral Integrity. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  2. "Comparative Approaches to Constitutional Gun Rights." In Glenn Howard Utter (ed) Guns and Contemporary Society: The Past, Present, and Future of Firearms and Firearm Policy.
  3. “The Content of Authoritarian Constitutions,” with Tom Ginsburg, and James Melton.  In Tom Ginsburg and Alberto Simpser (eds) Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes.  Cambridge University Press.
  4. "Still the Land of Presidentialism?  Executives and the Latin American Constitution," in Detlef Nolte and Almut Schilling (eds.). 2012.  New Constitutionalism in Latin America: Promises and Practices.  London: Ashgate.
  5. "Does the Process of Constitution-Making Matter?" with Justin Blount and Tom Ginsburg.  2011.  In Tom Ginsburg (ed.), Comparative Constitutional Design.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  6. "Do Executive Term Limits Cause Constitutional Crises," with James Melton and Tom Ginsburg.  2011.  In Tom Ginsburg (ed.), Comparative Constitutional Design.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  7. “Public Choice and Constitutional Design” with Tom Ginsburg.  2009.  In Daniel Farber and Anne Joseph O’Connell (eds.) Elgar Handbook of Public Choice and Public Law
  8. “A Hibridização De Formas Constitucionais: A Constituição Brasileira De 1988 Em Uma Perspectiva Histórica,” with Jose Cheibub.  2009.  In O Legislativo Brasileiro em Perspectiva Comparada.  Lucio Rennó and Magna Inácio, eds. Editora Editora UFMG.
  9. “Constitutional Networks.”  2009.  In Miles Kahler (ed.), Networked Politics: Agency, Power, and Governance.  Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.
  10. “Is Democracy Contagious?”  2008.  In Peter Nardulli (ed.) International Perspectives on Contemporary Democracy.  University of Illinois Press.
  11. “Globalization and Policy Diffusion: Explaining Three Decades of Liberalization,” with Beth Simmons.  2003.  In Miles Kahler and David A. Lake (eds.) Globalizing Authority: Economic Integration and the Changing Structure of Governance.  Princeton, NJ: University of Princeton Press.
Reports and Policy Analysis
  1. "Whither Scotland?  A Review of a Proposed Constitutional Plan," with Tom Ginsburg and James Melton.
  2. "A Review of Iceland's Draft Constitution," with Tom Ginsburg and James Melton.
  3. "Constitutional Reform in the English Speaking Carribbean: Challenges and Prospects," with Tom Ginsburg and Justin Blount.  
  4. "Comments on the Draft Constitution of Kenya of 17 November 2009," with Jose Cheibub, Tom Ginsburg, Rosalind Dixon, Donald Horowitz, Aziz Huq, Jacqueline Klopp, and Thomas Wolf.  Joint report of the Chicago Working Group on Constitutional Reform.  University of Chicago.
  5. Commentary on the Iraqi Draft Constitution, with Tom Ginsburg.  2007. 
  6. Latino Demographic Data Book, with Frederick Gey, Jon Stiles, and Jonathan Cohen.  1998.  Berkeley, CA: California Policy Studies.
  7. "Problems of Service Delivery in Brazilian Public Security Policy," with Maria Cavalcanti, O’Neal Spicer, and Katherine Mock.  1997.  In Policymaking in a Redemocratized Brazil, Volume 2: Public Policy and Social Exclusion.  Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.
  8. "Racing Toward a New Disabilities Strategy in the Americas," with Adelaide Farrah.  1994.  Americas 46 (4).
Book Reviews, Encyclopedic Entries, and other writing.
  1. Review of Tulia Falleti's Democratization and Subnational Politics in Latin America.  2012 Perspectives on Politics 10(4): 1099-1101.
  2. Review of Marcus Kurtz’s Free Market Democracy and the Chilean and Mexican Countryside.  2005.  Comparative Political Studies 38: 330-332.
  3. "Constitutional Engineering." 2010.  In Dirk Berg-Schlosser and Leonardo Morlino (eds.),  International Encylopedia of Political Science (Sage).
Working Papers
  1. "The Meat is Rotten but the Vodka is Potent: Evaluating Measurement Equivalence Across Context," with John Sides.
  2. "Seeking Stateness," with John Sides.
  3. "International Organizations, Reaction Functions, and the Structure of Trade Cooperation," with Bob Pahre and Kati Suominen.
  4. "Micro-level Foundations of Diffusion Theory: Experimental Evidence"
  5. "Put Out More Flags: Political Exhibitionism and Neighborhood Context," with Brian Gaines.


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