Career Goals and Objectives

I am currently a Project Engineer and Engineer-In-Training, and I aspire to become a CEO and Professional Engineer for Quest Civil Constructors, Inc.

I have a passion for construction and engineering.  I like being challenged physically and mentally, and enjoy deadlines and high expectations because they push me to work harder and more efficiently.  In working, I excel because of my communication and collaboration skills, integrity, and the ability to apply sound engineering judgment.

Related Work Experience
In March 2013, I accepted a Research Associate position with the Western Transportation Institute (WTI).  I worked on numerous geotechnically focused projects and co-authored the final report of the Relative Operational Performance of Geosynthetics Used as Subgrade Stabilization Project - Phase II (  This position really enhanced my technical writing, communication, and leadership skills.  I worked at WTI until the end of April 2014.

In the fall of 2011, I was awarded a research assistant position at the Western Transportation Institute (WTI).  WTI is the country's largest National University Transportation Center focused on rural transportation issues (, and is affiliated with Montana State University (MSU).  The research project I worked on is called, Relative Operational Performance of Geosynthetics Used as Subgrade Stabilization.  I used this project for my thesis, which is titled Evaluation of Transverse Behavior of Geosynthetics When Used for Subgrade Stabilization (

From May 2011 to February 2013, I worked as a Field Engineer for GeoStabilization International (  This job was unique, intriguing, and extremely educational.  I traveled throughout the United States servicing landslides and rockfalls, and also installing micropiles and shotcrete walls.  My main role was a laborer; however, I was responsible for proof/verification testing of soil nails and micropiles, timesheets, and daily work reports.

In the fall of 2010, I was awarded a teaching assistant position at Montana State University for the geotechnical engineering and highway pavement labs.  This position really enhanced my presentation and communication skills.  For each lab, I would go over the reason for the lab, show the students how to conduct the lab test, assign a lab report, and then grade the lab submittals and provide the students with feedback.  I was a teaching assistant until May 2012.

In the summer of 2010, I interned for Montana's Department of Transportation (MDT) as a Civil Engineering Technician.  I was involved with many facets of heavy civil work such as surveying, earthwork, paving, and testing of concrete, soil, and asphalt.  I enjoyed this job a lot, and I am very grateful for the knowledge that I gained from MDT.