I was raised in Duluth, Minnesota.  After I graduated from Duluth Central High School, I took off on a voluntary exchange program in Costa Rica.  I worked as a care taker, English teacher, and tour guide for the Karen Mogenson Forest Reserve for ~5 months. 

    Upon returning to the United States, I started studying Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS).  After 2 years at UWS, I studied abroad in Newcastle, Australia for one semester, and then in Wonju, South Korea the following semester.  After exchanging for a year, I transferred to Montana State University-Bozeman (MSU) and began studying Civil Engineering. 

    I completed my B.S. in Civil Engineering in May, 2011.  I am furthering my education at MSU and expect to receive my M.S. in Civil Engineering in May, 2013.  I am emphasizing in geotechnical engineering and construction.
    Currently, I am working as a graduate research assistant for the Western Transportation Institute (affiliated with MSU) on a research project called, "Relative Operational Performance of Geosynthetics Used as Subgrade Stabilization."