AVIT- JavaScript Tree Visualization API [Dec 2011 - Oct 2012 ]

As a part of my masters thesis I have implemented an web-based hierarchical data visualization API for Visualizing and Interacting with Trees (AVIT). Using AVIT users can easily generate and customize different tree layouts with minimal coding effort. This API has been developed to provide developers with a customizable tree visualization framework which will be readily available to be used in their web based data visualization applications.

After implementation is complete, I have conducted usability experience study with software developers from industry and academia to collect their feedbacks of the API. Received feedbacks has been used to later releasing an improved version of the API.

Results from our study has been published in prestigious IEEE PacificVis conference [Link].

Technology Used
JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5 (canvas), SVG, and CSS

Live Demo
If you like to see a live demo of the API please click here.

Introductory Video Tutorial



API Documentation is available here